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The Wind, Point Reyes National Seashore, California, United States of America Steady in the Wind - I recall the wind Insistent Pummeling Leaning into it Just to stand upright I recall the sun Hard And hot Burning through The cold air coursing I recall the sea Singing Its white noise crescendo The roar Of a planet alive I recall this moment Blissfully Unattached Firmly rooted to ground In the grip of experience
Himalayan Foothills Sunrise VIII, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Steps ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #165 - Sometimes the light Seems very far And the way So dark and perilous And the path Occluded mystery I remind myself Just take a step I remember Where every journey begins I find my courage In the many paths already taken I’ve held the light before I’ve made my way before I’ve found the path before I will hold the light again
Sunset, The Strait of Georgia, BC Ferries, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada An Unmoving Frame - I began to notice With fascination Placing a moving object Near the center of the frame Tended to convince my mind’s eye The object was no longer moving
Celestial Lullabye, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada Earth-song - Clouds pull blankets high The sun playing peak-a-bye Earth-song's lullaby
Crescent Sliver, Bowen Island, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Sliver of Light - A sliver of a whole Adrift in a vast duskiness Far removed From this gentle Earth Yes I know something about you Moon But soon enough The stars, and the Milky Way So I want to thank you now Moon For the reminder to come That I need not linger In the dusk
Perfect Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America Perfect - This perfect valley In the perfect light With the perfect clouds Make a perfect moment This perfect is mine Not the valley's Not the light's Not the clouds' I remind myself True happiness Is found in finding The perfect in everything
Golden Heights, Bolinas, From Panoramic Highway, Mt. Tamalpais State Park, California, United States of America Heights ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #164 - From the Golden State's Golden heights I kick back Refreshed by the cool breeze Chilling the fire Of the hot sun Atop the curvilinear delights Of hillocks dappled With grasses and pines Where even infinity seems so close I could touch it Right there As the curve of the Earth Rounds the line Where ocean meets the sky
Fallen Colours, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Fallen - Fallen colour fades Silent soldiers lying still After the battle
Obscured Emergence, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America Frame of Mind - Obscure :: Emerge Mystery :: Fascinate Cloak :: Protect Soften :: Soothe Dreary :: Rainfall Soak :: Nourish Storm :: Excite Dour :: Beauty
Draft Lager, Dubh Linn Gate Pub, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Liquid Meditation - Sometimes The clink of glass Works as well As a meditation bell The first Long Draft Is a Deep Breath In Attachments melt away The mind quiets Its obsessive Narcissism For a moment Nothing else matters But this Single Moment
All the Sky was Smoke, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada All the Sky was Smoke - The creatures toiled Upon the land They built machines To ease the work Created engines To drive the cogs And fueled it all With all that burned For every thing The creatures made Five other things Were thrown away For every turn Of every cog The fuel they burned Created smog 'Til over time Before too long In fact, before The fuel was gone Their world could not Sustain their waste The climate changed With break neck pace
Beleaguered Pier, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Curtain Call - Beleaguered pier Time chastened Weather beaten A formation Of pilings Long past utility Though still They throw A striking pose Just before The curtain Falls
Andaman Sea Sunset, Near Krabi, Thailand From Deep Within - If the sky can seem to be So many layers deep Illuminated so vibrantly From deep within Perhaps, so can I
Handmade Boats, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India Handmade ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #163 - I let the rough asymmetry Of a handmade world Wash over my being Imprecise Imperfect Reminded I am an organic being Cradled in a manufactured world And my notions of beauty Have been filtered By the means of manufacture
Dressed Playfully for the Rain, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Playful - She came dressed Playfully For the rain But the rain Didn't come Just as well She thought And let the surf Wash high up Her pretty Yellow Boots
Islands in the Mist, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada The Beauty of Mystery - A photograph of mountains peeking through the mist along Howe Sound in British Columbia, Canada, with a micro-poem about the beauty of mystery and keeping faith in the obscured.
Badlands Rivulets, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Soul Mates - So many roads Lead me to you So many more Led us astray For every branch A thousand leaves For every fork A thousand more Just keep the faith And carry on I'll find the way Back to your heart
A Beautiful Rut, Red Deer River, Near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada A Beautiful Rut - This life This repetitious life It cuts a swath Erodes away Possibilities Call it a canyon Or call it a rut A pretty enough rut, you say Perhaps... but still a rut So I scamper out Leaving a trail Of dusty memory
wizened and weathered, badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Wizened & Weathered - Wizened and wisened I find myself At the end of my path There to discover Though I've forged my own trail Made my own way through the wilderness We all come together In the end At the infinite infinitesimal of oneness Whether by design Or default
Cacophony in Harmony,Lichen, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Cacophony in Harmony - In such cacophony I find the harmony Then wonder why why why? Can't we find a way To share our world today
Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona, United States of America Bend ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #162 - The bends oft Obscure the end Yet go I must And like the river Wend Until the end Is sure
This Wee Continent of Life, Lichen, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Beauty Unremarked - This wee continent of life Entwined in a small living sea All of it ancient beyond my ken I could not count out the years In all my time But the years of consciousness I could count In just an afternoon And my own years Rattled off in seconds In the vast pre-history Of consciousness This beauty unremarked
Born of Tempest, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Born of the Tempest - Some things Are not meant to be seen Under a blue sky In the full glare of the sun Some things Were born of the tempest And their beauty lies In the storm
Solemn Wonder, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Solemn Wonders - I share the long, shallow beach With a few dozen souls All of a demeanor In their slow meander Up and down the shoreline Hands pocketed Shoulders hunched Voices hushed It's a beautiful sight These denizens of stormy weather There's a strength In their solemn wonder Here where nature runs her course Indifferent to the human presence While the humans revel quietly In hers
Fallen Maple Leaf, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Remembrance ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #161 - For all of you Who've gone to ground Fallen in a season For which life Had not yet come around Bleakest autumn Fell upon your spring I remember And I write Words seeking time In some future dream When the Flanders torch Shall not be passed We will no longer ask The young to die For causes wrought Upon the lie Of righteousness A time when poppies bloom In their rightful spring Not this remorseful Autumn rite No longer red No blood be spilled But lovely white Our peace fulfilled
The Retreat, Harmony in Form and Word, Gallery Bistro, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada A Part of Myself - I put a part of myself A deepest part Up on a wall For any and all to see Ambivalence Uncertainty Too much? Too dark? Too bleak? For a bistro? Until a voice says "That is me, up there On your wall."
Badlands Lichen, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Bad Lands Lichen - Likin' the badlands Most of all For the lichen
An Ancient Beach, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada An Ancient Beach - I think of a beach Half a billion years ago Petrified in a moment of flux And the creatures Which skittered there Having barely left the sea I think of a wave And the littlest living things Awash in the foaming ocean Not so unlike The littlest living things Swishing over my feet in the surf
Crescendo of Love - The day wanes Punctuated by A crescendo of colour To which I am immune Eyes closed In your arms A burst of colour Beyond any sunset
Bentonite, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Texture - Texture Articulate Constructed Of hardship Perseverance Resilience Like the character Of recovery True beauty
Island of the Tides, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Island of the Tides - The tide High And I Am an Island Isolated And alone But tides turn And so do I So soon The sea Reveals The sand And I Am one With the World Again
Contemplation, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Contemplation ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #160 - I often stop And wonder At what others stop And wonder And I wonder Need I say more? Or is there more To say? I could ask What might she say? Caught in the moment Mind gone astray That moment is hers Not mine to know Nor is it yours Not part of the show
Kingpin, Daredevil, Marvel Comics, Netflix I - Sometimes This body Like a prison And I Caught inside Ponder on the things This body has done Without my approval Without my conscience Sometimes This body Like a trophy And I Caught inside Ponder on the things This body has done Beyond my ability Beyond my creation And I Wonder I At who am I Whether this body is I Or some other I
Writers in the Darkness, Over Lynne Manor, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Writers - We grope around in the darkness Seeking the light which illumines The stories waiting for us to tell
Goosenecks, Harmony in World and Form, Gallery Bistro, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada Photography - As a photographer I have never been satisfied with Two dimensions A single moment in time Or even reality I prefer To create Rather than Record Light is my palette A digital file my canvas A computer my brush
Wheat, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Bread - The city boy Looks at the bread on his table And remembers the prairie
Vanishing Point, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Vanishing Point - Once, there were days Many days When I had nowhere to go And all day to get there Now I seem to be Everywhere at once But nowhere at all All the time
Five Silos, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Five Silos - Oh, this sun-burnished anvil of earth Beneath a steely sky Five silos, massive Diminished in a forever landscape Over which the trundlings of men And their machinery Leave ephemeral marks Lingering only so long As the labour which creates them
Rugged, Near Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Rugged ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #159 - Sometimes I am unsure Whether the sea eats into the land Or the land eats into the sea No matter The beauty Remains the same In the yin and yang Of it all It is all the same
Eddies, Food Islets, Near Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Eddies - High enough And wide enough To witness The arc of the Earth Near enough And still enough To experience The arc of the ocean An eddy of time Reflected In the eddies Of the sea
The Night Comes, Amphitrite Point Light House, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada The Night Comes - As the sky signals The coming of night With glorious colours of caution The night's beacon Hunkers down It's daylight glimmer Set to become A sentry in the darkness
Sunny Delight, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Sunny Delight - On a grey gloomy day Spattering rain and mist The sun rose On the westerly horizon In the form Of a bright yellow slicker With matching wellies Animated By a girlish delight In the roiling sea
Giants, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Giant ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #158 - There I stood, at the feet of giants, myself measuring no taller than the smallest of their toes, and standing as high in my own shoes as possible. One giant leaned down, only slightly, though the Earth trembled beneath his shifting weight. He peered at me, squinting, as I would to better observe an insect trundling across my boot. A snort. Dismissive. The earth heaved again as he rose. The atmosphere rumbled with his voice.
Bentonite, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Hide - This flowing earth Which rain does melt And sun does bake To make a hide A flesh so tough Naught but steel Can break its skin And like the earth I'm toughening Impervious To love's torment I keep it out Pretense: content But even steel Can't cleave my soul And never could Through toughest hide I feel my heart
Fetch! Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Fetch! - Simple pleasure Elemental Satisfaction For the dog For the man For the unseen eye Guiding the lens To capture The perfect Moment
Surf's Up, Chesterman Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Surf’s Up! - In all the world Few things seem heartier Or more profoundly confounding To the meek Than a thrill-seeker Seeking thrills
Seashore Solitude, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada The Assurances of the Shoreline - I let the tide Carry my worries away As the sea whispers Sweet lullabies In timeless rhythm
Inner Child, Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Inner Child - Dour and grey Is a frame of mind Which cannot survive An inner child
Narrow Channel, Food Islets, Near Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Narrow Channel - A narrow pass To my release Beyond horizons Uncharted Possibility Gleams
Pastels, Food Islets, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Pastel ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #157 - The end of a soft day In this pastel calm My breath but a ripple In the gentle breeze Quiescent mind Blood rhythms Salt air rendered Tide pungent Ocean whispers Sibilant On the shoreline Shhhh Shhhhhh Shhh Shhhhhhhhh
Love ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #156 - In the last lingering moment of daylight Beneath an everlasting beacon I know my love for you Bright as the nearest star Steady as the lighthouse beam Vast as the ocean Persistent as the waves Breaking on the enduring rock Sometimes a caress A lullaby rhythm Sometimes a storm A tempest of ecstacy
Two Uyghur Girls, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China Girls ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #155 - Rage rises With every Repetition "Boys will be boys" They say All around The world Meaning Simply Girls are made To be had
Badlands Erosion, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Limbs ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #154 - Limbs Intertwined Breath On my wrist Breast In my hand Eyes In a dream Asleep In my arms Your back On my chest The trust This implies The love In my heart This presence In my bed This moment In my life So perfect All I need Whisper words In your ear To your lips Comes a smile
Wheat, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Emptiness ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #153 - >On the prairie Where the land is wide And the sky is high and pretty Gravel and dust and grain Roads that go on forever In the mountains I feel diminutive Until I climb And conquer one Stand on top of the world What is there to conquer here But a thousand miles Of horizon
Wheat, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Wealth From A Golden Land - A man of the city Standing In an open land Amber and azure Wheat waist high Scattered clouds Dot the sky And I wonder That I have never stood In a field of grain Ripened Ready for harvest This golden crop The wealth which builds cities Known to urbanites like me Only as bread Or an image on a cereal box
Coast Mountains Wildfires, British Columbia, Canada Fire ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #152 - I cannot see the fire still, the sky betrays its presence As yet the flames present no danger Though the possibility be mentioned So am I reminded A threat may seem remote Or weak in its intention But a threat it is Toxic in its notion I do well to heed an atmosphere in tension
where there is fire, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada Where There’s Fire - Sinewy sifting Suffusing valleys Smoke expanding Soft stifling blanket Seeking prairies Eastward
Black Kite over Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, New Delhi, India III Naught but the Light - In the darkness Lay the deepest shadows Where no light has fallen For so many years I visit with them Let the shadows Fall under my light Until they become known to me Appreciated for their wisdom Thanked for their insight Forgiven for their fears and distractions
Naga, Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand Detail ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #151 - Enrapt in detail Subtlety and nuance Lovely and enthralling I follow the forms Savour the textures Delight in the harmonics Of ever-changing repetitions Lost in the detail Context and meaning Evasive and fractured I swirl in a sea of the minute Fruitlessly distracted Diverted from the present By endless possibilities
Morning Light, The Great Ocean Road, Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia Morning Light - The morning light Lazily Through the mist Highlights fall On leading edge While shadows spread Beyond the stone On darkened seas While riffling waves Curling round The citadels As cirrus clouds In gentle skies Blue on blue White on white The sea The sky In harmony
Dancing with the Darkness Dancing with the Darkness - Standing in the light I see the darkness The evil from which I emerged Clearly For the first time Just as I cannot know the light Without darkness So too I cannot know the darkness Without light I thought I knew the darkness well When I was caught in it As it touched me As it coursed through me
Pix to Words ~ Volume I :: Harmony in Word and Form Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I - I promised myself way back in 2015, "I'll publish a book based on Pix To Words if I reach 500 followers by the end of the year." I did, but I didn't, so now I finally am. Motivated to provide something people could take home from the gallery exhibit now showing at Gallery Bistro, and also something to share a bit of the gallery experience with those who can't possibly make it to the gallery, I present Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I
Himalayan Foothills Sunrise, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Gratitude ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #150 - The sun rises into a cloud-softened sky Gentle foothills roll lazily to a distant horizon A solo journey through an ungentle darkness ends As I arrive in the light I realize I am no longer alone, was never really alone That no one arrives in such light Entirely alone
Gallery Bistro, Port Moody, British Columbia, Patrick Jennings' show of photographs, poetry and stories is now on the walls. The Unlikely Path - It’s tempting to write, “I learned new ways to see the world through a viewfinder,” but, really, I had always been finding new ways to see the world through my mind’s viewfinder. I think that view is unique for every one of us. What attracted me to photography was its capacity to record what I saw in my mind. More than that. Photography has the capacity to create a world that exists only in my mind’s viewfinder and then offer it up for others to see.
Harmony in Word and Form: 2018 Gallery Exhibit featuring Pix to Words photographs, stories and poetry. Harmony in Word and Form - Harmony in Word and Form: A Gallery Exhibit featuring photographs, stories and poetry selected from the blog Pix to Words. Themes include landscapes, abstractions, travel, love, relationships, healing, and some eastern mysticism.
Autumn Light, Over Lynne Mansion, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada Trauma - I am of this world And I am not I am in this world And I am not I have this body And I do not I am present I am nowhere I am here But not I am present I am a ghost This is trauma This is dissodiation
Some Mad Portal, Clouds, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada Some Mad Portal - No matter how dark the path No matter how obscured How many obstacles Some mad portal Always seems to appear And I find my way My failures seem always To be failures of perseverance When I turn away from the path
Time, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada Time - I feel time Wending Up my spine Stealing my vigour Taking my mind But my heart Remains strong My spirit Undiminished So I Unrelenting Resist time Live today Work toward Tomorrow
Reflections, Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America Where the Circle Ends - Where it starts There it ends Then we must Begin again Circle Unbroken The round Complete Then round And round And round Again Until I step Upon a path Some may say Leads me astray But here's The Way Not straight or curved Without an end Without a start
Lichen at Hope Slide, British Columbia, Canada I Rhyme With Orange - Nothing rhymes With me Like me Like Orange Not range Not fringe Not forage Nor porridge Though all tinker with The tongue and the ear The elusive rhyme The elusive me Not here Nor there Not wholly myself Not anyone else Just a voice which speaks With a heart which listens These fingers to write And an eye to frame A me without Rhyme Some day to grapple With the apple I am
Epic ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #149 - Even on the gloomiest days The world can seem Simply epic If I choose to look for it And so can I
Vintage Selfie, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, United States of America Selfless Selfie In Between - I climb the stairs Get turned around Wonder which Up or down Light's everywhere Caught between Transitioning Where do I Belong
The Guilt in Her Eye The Guilt in Her Eye - Who would I be Without the guilt In a sad, lonely eye Reflecting back at me Who would I be Without the self-doubt Without the self-pity Without the self-hate Which accompanies it What if I could show Myself the compassion Myself the kindness Myself the forgiveness I offer so freely to others
Here, NOW, Boy, Mother, Aunt, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China Gesture ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #148 - One need not read nor write Nor even understand A single word here spoken To know the story In the gestures A narrative As old as time
Upon These Shoulders, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand Choices - Upon my shoulders Rest a life-span's choices Some for good Some for naught Most with barely Any thought A good many I regret But the life Which made them I do not I learned I grew I fell down I got back up Some times That seems The hardest choice
Serrated Edge, Amphitrite Point, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Serrated Edge - I walk along serrated edge Just beyond the tumult's grasp Not retreating Nor taking on the task Caught between my courage And despair A darkness near envelopes me So stop Take stock Find firm footing And there turn Full face Into all that comes Lick the salt Upon my lips And savour All strange beauty In the bitterness
Lovely Lichen, Hope Slide, British Columbia, Canada Organic ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #147 - Nature draws her lines In chaos and complexity Mathematics and some chemistry Laws of physics yet unbroken By laws of beauty she has written Laws which I do well to heed If my art is to succeed Nature I do not exploit you Nor wrest the brushes from your hand It's not my mind to alter your decision But offer you my humble vision
Light and Darkness ~ Shadow, Lattice Wall and Light, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada The Light Without - In light of day I find my way In darkness seek The light within The grey between The black and white I lose my way To gloom within Then light of day Too dim by far The dimmest star The light within So then seek I A beacon bright To light the way A light without
Love in Silhouette, Amphitrite Point, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Neither Princess nor Prince… but, Love - If this were the end of the world I would still have to sail Beyond the horizon To be worthy of your love She said He laughed Then leaned down to kiss her Sternly, she held him off I'm not worthy yet But couldn't hold the moment As he searched her eyes She laughed Pulled him to her And kissed him Hard
Footsteps in the Dunes, Ming Sha Shan, Mountains of Singing Sand, Dunhaung, Gansu, China Going Forward - I carry my past In a backpack So I am never far From the moments Which defined me Events Connections Love, loss Attainment, failure Lessons, places, people Triumphs
Authenticity, Ming Sha Shan, Mountains of Singing Sands, Dunhuang, Gansu, China Authentic - Quiet mind Breathe If nothing comes Find a prompt (Photographs usually work.) Start again Breathe Quiet mind Write what comes Don’t argue with the words It’s OK to not like what they say Write them anyway
Just a Hint of Blue, Clouds and Sky, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada Clouds ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #146 - In the brooding atmosphere Of patterns woefully disturbed I seek glimmers of possibility I optimistically call Hope
Goosenecks State Park, San Juan River, Utah, United States of America Trust the Flow - I make my way Down winding path Though much I seem To go astray Just trust the flow To lead the way So long as I Keep steady craft Row with the main And level stay I'll reach the calm Upon this raft
Alpine Daisy Aster Close, Buller Mountain, Spray Valley Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada Unbroken - In the shadows On the periphery Core hidden away I observe the violence The hurt The suffering Detached Feeling nothing To feel would be To shatter So strong because So fragile
Sunset and Alpen Glow over Jasper, Amber, Violet and Indigo, Jasper Sky Tram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Jasper Butterfly - Over Jasper Where sunset meets the alpenglow Amber mingles with the violet and indigo Here am I On the cusp of the sky While far below Rivers and life In endless flow Reminding myself Of the importance Of even one small voice In the tide of events Like the butterfly In Beijing I flutter Back down to the valley Where I ride the flow Singing From the depth of my soul
Encroaching Twilight, Jasper Skytram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Peaks ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #145 - I rise up Above it all See the world Beyond the peaks Touch the sky Breathe in space Feel the Earth Beneath my feet Await the stars Infinity Existence set In time and place Yet all at once I'm every where I'm every thing I'm not at all To be And not To be
Sunset, Jasper, from the Jasper Skytram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Moments of Beauty Between the Darkness and the Light - Violet ascendant In the failing light Amber blanket Beneath the indigo Soon enough to fall Into star-flecked obsidian Here I stand On this thin edge Of the cusp Between darkness and the light Witness to An extraordinary beauty
Violet, Devils Marbles, Northern Territory, Australia Violet - The violet Behind my eyes Followed on The indigo Which followed still The cobalt blue Where once was just Obsidian From the black My spirit rose Found the path Where current flows The energy Connects us all And me to me The deepest part I come to know In violet light Is bathed
Beyond the Mountains Blue, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Desire - Where the filtered sun Casts mountains blue Across this deepest valley Beyond a distant shore The clouds so busy gathering While here the skies so clear But there I know she waits for me Climb down, then sail, then climb again
Sun Burst, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada After the Oil Boom - Well I dreamed I saw the clouds And the heat waves coming. Wretched mad man on my mind When the sun burst through the skies. There was my heart there singin' in the light But I felt like I could cry. Look at mother nature on the run In the twenty seventeen.
Dramatic, Sea to Sky Gondola, Howe Sound, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Dramatic - Sometimes the drama seduces me Saturated intensity Overwrought meaning There's a beauty in the extreme Which satisfies my lust For something bigger than myself But then leaves me spent Exhausted Weakened
The Wells and Dancing Boy, Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Focus ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #144 - Sometimes It's hard to stay focused To capture all the details To see the whole picture Still I see enough To know the beauty Of a moment
Boots, Labrang Si, Tibetan Yellow Hat Buddhist Monastery, Xiahe, Gansu, China Boots - Inside The chanting The texts Stripping away Layer upon layer Of being Seeking At the centre The non-being That is everything Outside The first layer
Buddhas All in a Row, Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang, Malaysia Naming is the Origin of all Particular Things - Only when I resist the name a thing has been given Can I discover the true nature of the thing
Granite and Conifers, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America Granite and Conifer - Enrapt Enwrapped Granite and conifer Cloud and sky And I Reverent In the rain And rapture Of nature's glory
Sunset, Mojave Desert, Route 66, California, United States of America Seeing in the Brightness - Sometimes The light seems too bright So I seek The respite of darkness I remind myself The darkness is always present Even in the brightest light Its balance is available
Lake Powell, Page, Arizona, United States of America Visualizing - I swim down Deep into the reservoir Of the pain and suffering That is my despair Find the glimmer of hope Release it from the bottom Cradling it in my arms As I rise back to the surface Breathe deeply in the fragrant air Pull myself up onto the solid shore Basking in the sun's warmth While pain and suffering drains away Despair releases from my being While hope swells in my heart
Big, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, Near Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada Big ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #143 - Sometimes I'm confronted with it So big So far to go So little time How will I explore it all How will I get there A step At a Time I don't know Just how far That will take me Whether It will be To the end So best To not Stand still
Sunshine Beach Sunrise, Noosa, Queensland, Australia Hope and Possibility - Where there is romance and reminiscence in a sunset There is hope and possibility in a sunrise
The Twelve Apostles, The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia A Fortune of Time and Place - The sun settles softly into morning Early, still quiet I'm alone with the wind And the waves And my camera I've seen a hundred shots From just this spot But none have this light Have this atmosphere Have this glory A fortune Of time and place And being there In the moment Camera in hand