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Walking, Creekside Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Walking ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #204 - The path is wide enough to share I need not walk alone
Child's Play, Creekside Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Play ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #203 - I recall the world Through my child-eyes To see all the world Is play
Mother and Child, Bicycle Path, Creekside Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Mothers ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #202 - When I was a child There was always a hand Within my reach When I needed reassurance Or wandered too close to peril To share the warmth of a loving gesture Be supportive to others Defend the vulnerable Love unconditionally...
Fractured, Bicycle Path, Creekside Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Fractured ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #201 - All these moments Become fractured memories Altered with time In a mind Bent on manipulating them To serve the present
Wheels, Creekside Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Wheels ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #200 - I roll along With the flow Some sunny Sunday Afternoon That's all there is Within my mind Naught but the sound Of wheels on pavement As my body cleaves The warm still air The undulations Of the path The gentle song My spirit sings What else could I need<
Slinki Extra Wide I, Gallery Bistro, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada Loss ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #199 - From time to time we lose People, places and things We love In the absence Recollections induce the bittersweet With time, perhaps, becoming less bitter than sweet Losses lightened By the moments, words and images We've captured The joys once lived Remain in our memories And in our hearts In the empty spaces Something new, perhaps Something new to love
Beacons, Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Beacons ~ Pic and a Word #198 - We stumble over the blackened terrain The dim beacon of possibility our guide A brilliant luminescence promised Just a few steps beyond our vision These are the affirmations With which we keep hope alive And find in ourselves The tenacity to persevere
Tyaughton Caonoeing, Tyaughton Lake, Chilkotin Mountain Range, British Columbia, Canada Fathers ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #197 - Paddling On a perfect day I remember days long past Of sunshine and calm Depths still clear At forty feet The rod held Expectantly In your son's hands Paddle in yours The strokes A gentle Powerful Grace You didn't care for fishing But I did So out we went
Christie Islet Bird Sanctuary, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Islands ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #196 - With the glooming of the day A subtle sunset failing to find glory This small slip of Islet Sits waiting for its siren In the Sound of gentle sussurrus While I am tempted by a call As yet unvoiced by temptress song
Into the Grey, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada On Carrying the Days - Time passes The days accumulate The good days The bad days The days that broke me The days that healed me The days I shone The days I withdrew into shadow These were the days which made me These were the days of reckoning These were the days which guide me
Tugboats and Log Booms, Strait of Georgia, From Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Work ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #195 - Sometimes The beauty Of a moment Takes the work Out of the job So I seek the beauty In every moment
Passion Facade, La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Towers ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #194 - Every time I reach Just a little beyond my grasp I imagine myself a tower With the pinnacle in my hand
Gaudi, La Familia Sagrada, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Gaudi - I stand beneath Towers yet reaching For heavens once unimaginable And so I rise In heart and soul Astride the vision Of an elevated spirit
Locking Up, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Locking Up - Darkness now For far too long Vacant streets Some windows amber and blue Most dark and shuttered He locks up With a willful hope A dream from another life From another time Perhaps the children Will still be awake With their sparkling eyes
Patatas Bravas, Bar Mendizábal, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Spicy ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #193 - A little spice A little iced A little life Makes everything nice
Vulnerability, Escas Tapas, Plaça del Bonsuccés, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Vulnerability - In time I began to understand My vulnerability Was more attractive Than my strength As I became more confident In my vulnerability I began to understand The strength in vulnerability
For the Birds, Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Birdseed - All the world's aflutter For little girls Fistfuls of birdseed Their indiscriminate chaos Such are the conditions Of beautiful perfections
Eyes, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Eyes ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #192 - Earnest and callow Eyes and smile Rendered in night's Deepest shadow A smile to say "Goodnight, my friend" Then again to Welcome morning In the darkness Protect the gate From those who carry Cans of paint
I Walk in Rainbow Slippers, Window Graphic, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain I Walk on Rainbow Splinters - Some people think they know me But I know they cannot know me Don't see my misfortune Guess they don' wanna know me I am just a pilgrim Saffron signals my devotion Ain't afraid of no hard road Fill my heart with passion Walk thru the fire Fly thru the fear See the signs along the path Though the end remains unclear
Mundane Rhythms, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain Mundane Rhythms - In the flat light Underground Splash of colour Rhythms in the mundane Frame a mild Beauty
A-maze-ing Laughter, Morton Park, West End, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada A-maze-ing Laughter - Laughter is the best Medicine which means comics Make the best healers
The Touch of... A-Maze-ing Laughter, Yue Minjun, Morton Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Being ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #191 - This is a bit of a rough sketch for a chapter in a series which began with "Come It Said" and continued to "Like a Hammer on a Drum". These stories revolve around the idea of an 'electric Buddha' I've been toying with for years.
Afternoon Medina, Tangier, Morocco copy Cafes and Conversation - In the heat of the afternoon Cafes and conversation The men of the medina Cling to the shade While the tourists Do not
Old Sound, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada Before ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #190 - I float Gently Back in time To an age beyond This silence of spirit And its sorrows These days of hardness And slight assurances Back to a time Of no small beauty When time itself Came in an abundance Applied to the creation Of wondrous things While wonder was divinely inspired Meaning was no fleeting connection And purpose a life's rendition Before profit and growth and ROI Became ends and means and purpose
Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America A Different Kind of Magic - Sometimes I squint To smudge the world Within my mind Then paint upon The softened scene A different Kind of magic
amigos mundos, Plaça Reial, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Amigos Mundos - In the everyday It's the moments spent With the ones we love Which make our hearts lighter The moments better The living sweeter
Gravity, Plaça Reial, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Gravity - I see you Seeing me As she sees me And he sees someone No one else sees And I wonder What you wonder About what I wonder While he wonders About whom I wonder All this seeing And not seeing All this wondering About wondering It all turns Upon its tail
Jolly Blue, Chefchaouen, Morocco Joyful Blues - I enter a world Of delicious azures Delightful turquoise And jolly royals Which gets me To wondering How is it thought so awful To get the blues
Night Owls, Bar Mendizabal, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain copy Quiet ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #189 - In the small hours of the night Somewhere between the last "sweet dreams" And the alarm clock's insistent chatter I like to go out into the city These quiet hours In the quiet streets Shared by a few other strays When being alone in my own skin Offers a kind of camaraderie with other lone souls Being alone in their own skin
Tourist, Palace of Carlos V, Alhambra, Granada, Spain Tourist - tourist tour our error terror terrorist
Grand Sweep of History, Palace of Charles V, The Alhambra, Granada, Spain Past Imperfect Present - In this grand sweep of history Stand I A figure out of time A being out of context Trying to understand Reasons from another reason All I know In the end Are these columns Carved from red stone Their perfect geometry Constructed in an imperfect world Just as the world Ever is Just as I Ever am
Cases Ramos, Plaça de Lesseps, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain The Trials and Rewards of Architectural Photography at Night - With this lens No wider Already Standing in the street Wary of taxis and buses The trees obscuring Already In my hands No tripod The light So very low Contrast So very high Under a darkling sky Near the end Of the sun's Long good night By this light No darker click-cliick-cliiick
Friends and Phones and Photos, Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Moments Worth Collecting - Friends and phones and photos The sharp attack Of pigeon feathers fluttering At the park On a sunny Sunday In a timeless observance Of time's frivolous expense Small moments accumulating In a life worth living
Tapas Bar, La Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Layers of Existence - We live Within a tapestry Of universes Intertwined Overlapped Layer upon layer Of existence Simultaneous Discreet Yet none Entirely separate From the others A community A reef Beneath the ripples Of time
Fragments of a Conversation Unheard, La Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Lens-dropping a Conversation - Fragments Of a conversation Unheard My mind Fills the emptiness Unspoken Creates A story imagined but Untold
Face, Placa Reial, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Mask ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #188 - Even in This gathering of Strangers I put on a mask Don my armour of Anonymity Revealing only the self I want you to see A shadow In the darkness Of multitudes
Moments in a Moment, Placa Reial, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Moments in Other Moments - >Moments in moments Two moments captured by mine Caught in another Eternity wrought With the release of shutters Thrice in a moment
Skateboard and Crow Graffiti Whimsy - Ah, The whimsy Of a few curved lines And a stencil In an obscure corner Of hard edges And some distress Meaning indecipherable But for the inexplicable smile It brings To my being
Catalunya Political Graffiti, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Cerdanyola de Valles, Catalunya (Catalonia), Spain II Confined - Freed First from Within Lead Only when Freed
Blues Transformed, Backlit Painted Glass, La Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Blues Transformed - In spring When browns and ice Of winter's deathly sleep Recede Life renews Thus even deepest blues Transform Become such vibrant hues Reborn As hope to those awakening
Gaze Upon Another TIme, From the Alhambra, Granada, Spain Another Time - From another time Gaze upon another world From another time
Arc of the Earth, Smokey River Valley, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada The Mere Fact of Existence - Feeling the arc of Earth Below me Atmosphere Thick with sky Crossing terrain and distance Minutes pass as days once did For greater men than me When only Prometheus Had tested the sky The land rolls by All the while stoking awe Not just for historical men Bound to Earth But for this small speck of stone This mote of blue With its invisible billions In an incomprehensible emptiness
Red Wing Moon, Finnish Air, over the Mediterranean, East of Barcelona, Spain Red ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #187 - Red wing and moonlight Homeward bound red-eye flying Travel ejection
La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma, Escalator to Park Guell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma - Resistance no more This is an image Of revolution A call to arms For the repressed In Catalonia An image, too For us We have been the prey Separated from the pack Divided Kept down Exploited Dominated Fed upon By the fat cats
Motion Blur, Muntaner Station, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain On the Move - Unfocused Unresolved Motion blurred Unsettled Uncertain Movement fractured Undeterred Unrelenting Moving forward
Bird Feeders, Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Bird Feeders - Do not feed the birds Signs said in three languages But who would stop them?
Caught, Las Ramblas, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Caught ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #186 - I watch the world From a distance With a falcon's eye Steal moments From unknown lives Recorded For all time Subjects unaware But for the occasional eye Catching me On my surreptitious perch At the shutter's release Sheepishly I set the lens aside And with a nod Beg forgiveness For my crime
Roman Stone Writing, Museum of the History of Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Not Written in Stone - The writing on the wall Is not carved in stone The world is neither broken Nor in need of repair There is no destiny But the consequences Of the choices I make As for the choices I fail to make I still have made a choice
Roman Walls, Museum of the History of Barcelona, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Bricks & Mortar - For every wall I have built For every rampart erected To protect my being I have also opened my heart I have also bared my soul After so many bricks And so much mortar I am beginning to understand Which is the stronger gesture Which offers the greatest protection
Christopher Columbus, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Columbus - Revered & Reviled A man of his time Ahead of his time Discoverer & Destroyer Of worlds A harbinger Of things to come Of times extant Of days which always were And may always be Until we find our way To a better way Create better world
The Light Plays, The Ágora, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain The Light Plays a Song - The light plays a song For my heart While my soul Dances
Patterns, Museu de les Ciències, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain Patterns of Opposites - I try to follow The myriad lines Creating the myriad forms Regular and irregular Symmetric and asymmetric A cacophony of harmonies Patterns within broken patterns Broken again to form patterns In them the complexity of life Perfect imperfection Destabilized and fortified A confusion of order A diffusion of resolution
Saints and Angels II, Domes, Valencia Cathedral, Spain Heavens ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #185 - I gaze into the metaphor Heavens above Ringed by saints Flanked by angels Spirit moved By the artistry By the grandeur By the grace I know there are saints Not like these saints I know there are angels Not like these angels I know there is god Not like this god I know there is heaven Not like this heaven
Center of Being, Central Market, Valencia, Spain Central Being - The light At the center of it all Like a beacon Calling me To the nature of Existence Experienced With a deep breath And a quiet mind Which knows nothing Believes naught Open to all Possibility
Saints and Angels, The Chancery and domes, Valencia Cathedral, Spain Grounding in Heaven - Gaze rising To metaphorical heavens Where grace and splendour Ground me to Earth And this moment
Disoriented, Valencia Cathedral, Valencia, Spain Orienteering - Religion Disoriented Me A God In which I had no Faith Prayers and rites In which I found no Substance Disillusioned I abandoned Belief Riding the Pendulum's Swing Into the Comforts of Reason Content there With logic and Fact I explored the bounds Of science and Philosophy Discovering A realm well beyond Knowledge
Chancel and Dome, Valencia Cathedral, Valencia, Spain Faith - With a leap of faith All great achievements begin Never mind the source
Abstract Fish, Palau De Les Arts, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain Earth Day - I dreamt there'd be a day In some none too distant future When an architectural abstraction Outlived all the fishes in the sea Now I cannot sleep
dis connect, Barcelona Waterfront, Catalonia, Spain dis connect ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #184 - I look Neither inward Nor outward I connect Not with being But a fetish This realm Of virtual Manifestation And while I look And while I connect I am lost To the moment To my own presence To being itself While all around Existence dances and plays Without my participation
Hotel Lobby and Foyer,Dar Dadicilef Hotel, Chefchaouen, Morocco Blue on Blue in Blue - Saturated in hues Blue on blue in blue Ah, but for the greens Exposed to amber orb unseen The garden under blue Then crimson weave's surround of blue
Whimsy in blues and golds and balloons, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Whimsy is a Child - Whimsy in blues and balloons Lines light and playful As a child's smile In twilight illuminate Mother impatient For changing lights Her girl content With latex-captured breath
Filtered Light, Chefchaouen, Morocco Follow Me - Light filters down To dim blue depths Where it pools In lazy patterns Upon empty lanes Marked here and there With blood red tiles And doors And wicker lines the walls I grab a basket From a hook Gather light From the pools To carry further Into navy And the black Where deepest shadows lay
Confined Spaces, Chefchaouen, Morocco Confinement - Bound In heart and spirit Lost On a forkless path Stop Look for a door A ladder, a rope Turn Seek another path Upon retraced steps Wait For alternatives To appear Move Follow the instinct Which began this path Despair There is no despair Only tenacity
Shadow Making, Chefchaouen, Morocco Shadow Maker - Sometimes the light Is too bright Too hot to bear So I shelter In a shadow Of my own making I see this now Without judgment The light remains The shadow is Temporary
Blue Doors, Chefchaouen, Morocco Blue - I get the blues sometimes Not that there's anything wrong with that Blue was my favourite colour as a child Even now, in the blues, there is a beauty And options
Risk Cacophony, Hotel Continental, Tangier, Morocco Risk ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #183 - Where might have been cacophony Strokes live within the harmony Such vital vessel filled To the edge of overflowing Yet some subtle restraint Where plaster once was white Vibrant colours paint A whole which comes across As beautiful
Palau De Les Arts, Ciuitat De Les Arts I Les Sciences, Valencia, Spain c Go Fish - It startled him The monumental lines of architecture Seemed to flex As a bow drawn by its string Then paused there Taught, straining As if for a steadying breath The release Was even more startling And he felt the shock wave When the discharged tension Shook the earth As the mammoth thing Quite simply Leapt from the ground
Windows, Palacios Nazaríes, Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain Windows - Windows from some unknown world Unto some other unknown world None which I have ever known And may not ever know Though with imagination Images gained from books and film I construct a room to serve The needs of sultans and imams Rich tapestries and silken rugs Exotic woods and metals Carved and cast exquisitely Servants and the visitors Pilgrims and the diplomats Bustling in the courtyard splendour All in reverence to the will Of God and those who know his ends Within these windows and their view
The Flow of Intricacy - I dive deep Into the intricacies Lose myself In the minutiae Step back Allow details To live and flow Breathes the rhythm Breathes the rhyme In the subtler play Of space and time
Pendant Gem - In the darkness And the light In the vibrant coloured Sunlit rays The moody greys Of cloudy days You my pendant gem Lay close Upon my heart Reminder of The subtler art Of love which is The beauty known Regardless of What eyes can see
Alhambra, from the Bell Tower, Granada, Andalucia, Spain How Far We’ve Yet to Go - In an old place Beneath a brooding sky Threatening clouds Keep their promises I reflect On battlements And palaces And understand We've come not so far As we believe
Flight, Charles V Palace, Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain Flight - Confined I was Until I remembered My wings
Shadow and Light, Museu de les Ciències, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain Shadow ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #182 - >Arms wide beckoning All of being Dark to light Illumined texture Shadowed depth Through synthesis, form So am I expressed Unconfined By black or white No, I: all the subtle tones Of possibility
Medieval Walls, Morella,Castellón, Spain Medieval Walls - There was a time When walls made sense Defending a perimeter Patrolled and guarded By men well-trained and armed Against cavalry Infantry and archers Today This wall is both beautiful And a reminder of that time
Gaudi on the Mediterranean, Park Güell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Gaudi Twilight - Comes the azure And the lavender With a twilight calm While Gaudi My new friend Beckons me From near And afar
Caterpillar, Aqueduct, Park Guell, Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Trampled - Have you ever wondered What it might be like To get trampled By a caterpillar?
La Llibertaria, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain La Llibertària - Among the oppressed Expressions of resistance Become the everyday
La Lluita Persistent, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola, Catalonia, Spain La Lluita Persistent; The Persistent Fight - The struggle continues Outside the halls of learning Where words are emblazoned Even shouted in the square Beyond the walls designed To confine them
Baby I Miss Your Touch - Oh, darling Across these many miles I have the touch of your words On my heart The touch of your voice In my mind The touch of your spirit On my soul But what I want Is the touch of your hand On my flesh Come back to me, my love I miss your presence With all my being
Night Spot, Carrer de L'Hospital, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catelonia, Spain Night ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #181 - Café por favor The regular stop In the deep of the night Homeward bound Warmed inside
Between Slaves, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola, Catalonia, Spain Between Slaves - Between slaves the one who protects the master is the most cowardly
But a Blur, Muntaner Metro Station, Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain Blur - I am but a blur Passing through the periphery Of this world of men Until their eyes Are trained on me And I become a creature Of penetrating interest A creature Which is not me At all Better the blur
Catalunya Political Graffiti, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Cerdanyola de Valles, Catalunya (Catalonia), Spain Catalunya - A place in the world Embattled and oppressed Like so many other Places in the world Nonetheless Vibrant, passionate, alive
Stratospheric, London to Barcelona, Somewhere over France Worlds I Can’t Imagine - I see the world In ways my ancestors Could not imagine But I wonder too At the worlds now gone I cannot imagine
Blur, South of England, Barcelona Bound, United Kingdom Beautiful Blur - Sometimes It’s a blur All of it As if through a window Stained by fog and rain A beautiful blur For which clarity Is not always An improvement
Doorways, Forbidden City, Beijing, China Courage ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #180 - We span the ages you and I across all sense of time and space our stories twine And I can’t say where it began or where it ends or if it ever will It drives you to the edge of mad (where you found me) but with your ever growing faith it’s clear Life is not so rational as you would like Discontinuous In fact
Wildfire Haze, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Haze ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #179 - Through the haze Of day I peer Now what is near Seems quite clear But far from here Is more obscure Detail lost Colour sallowed Though sun breaks through Its presence mellowed Yet, still There's something Beautiful In forms which rise Up through the gloom And promise too Of brighter days When glory plays Beneath the rays
For Purple Mountain Majesties, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, United States of America Sunrise ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #178 - I let the day go Leave the past In the past As the harsh light fades I live in the magic glow Of this brief moment Let the darkness come Like closed eyes And a deep breath A new glory follows A light to be filled With possible moments
Seaspan & Tug, Steveston, Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada Upriver ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #177 - Against both tide and current Headway slow and steady Though the river hurries by
Four Peaks, Tonto National Forest, Near Mesa, Arizona, United States of America Rise - I see the beauty It's not so very far And a road which leads From shadow to the light From the broken lands To where snow-capped pinnacles Rise Though I see Not so very far ahead I take the road Into the valley maze And trust myself To find the way
Dancing Boy and The Wells, SeaToSky Gondola As a Child - I danced as a child I loved as a child I laughed as a child Now as an adult I am dominated by the fear I learned as a child
Entangled, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Entangled ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #176 - Entangled in dreams and traumas My is heart betrayed By actions driven From deep inside The darkness Unplubmbed So Finally do I Enter the dark Holding the light Of my broken heart To heal the injuries And discover the truth of dreams
Pendant Screen, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Dreaming - Light and colour dreaming Resplendent core Emboldened heart Beyond the dreams,I soar
That Inner Life, Boston Pizza Waitress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Inner Life of Healing - "You are never really gone," she tells me "The times you 'go away'," she goes on "Are like your body, treading water While you process all you've learned" Now I watch my waitress And I wonder if she is also processing The traumas of a dimly remembered past While serving another table's drink orders
Boston Pizza Momma, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Gaze - I wonder now In those quiet moments Of public solitude Am I often the object Of a gaze
The Light at the End of the Day, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada From Deep Within - At the end of the day When the darkness comes All I have to guide me Is the light which shines From deep within But that is plenty bright enough
Swirly Light, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Colour ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #175 - These moments of some small artistry Grasped upon and toyed with oh so playfully A passing thought Become a pleasing naught For there is no deeper meaning here Just some pretty colours challenging the black Amid the balanced forms I've caught
Bent - This world through lens of mind Is bent To be a thing my eyes Can see Not quite what is Reality So bend my mind to fit The world Then see only the things That fit Ignore the things that don't One bit<
That River Flows, Fraser River, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada That River Flows - That river flows While I Stand by Upon the banks Watch my life Drift idly by But why? Ask I Just join the flow The river says So I Close eyes Like the water Enter life Become the flow Then I Realize Like the river Being flows I the water Gather all The river knows 'Til I Reside In moment's rhyme The end of time