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Abstract Fish, Palau De Les Arts, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain Earth Day - I dreamt there'd be a day In some none too distant future When an architectural abstraction Outlived all the fishes in the sea Now I cannot sleep
dis connect, Barcelona Waterfront, Catalonia, Spain dis connect ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #184 - I look Neither inward Nor outward I connect Not with being But a fetish This realm Of virtual Manifestation And while I look And while I connect I am lost To the moment To my own presence To being itself While all around Existence dances and plays Without my participation
Hotel Lobby and Foyer,Dar Dadicilef Hotel, Chefchaouen, Morocco Blue on Blue in Blue - Saturated in hues Blue on blue in blue Ah, but for the greens Exposed to amber orb unseen The garden under blue Then crimson weave's surround of blue
Whimsy in blues and golds and balloons, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Whimsy is a Child - Whimsy in blues and balloons Lines light and playful As a child's smile In twilight illuminate Mother impatient For changing lights Her girl content With latex-captured breath
Filtered Light, Chefchaouen, Morocco Follow Me - Light filters down To dim blue depths Where it pools In lazy patterns Upon empty lanes Marked here and there With blood red tiles And doors And wicker lines the walls I grab a basket From a hook Gather light From the pools To carry further Into navy And the black Where deepest shadows lay
Confined Spaces, Chefchaouen, Morocco Confinement - Bound In heart and spirit Lost On a forkless path Stop Look for a door A ladder, a rope Turn Seek another path Upon retraced steps Wait For alternatives To appear Move Follow the instinct Which began this path Despair There is no despair Only tenacity
Shadow Making, Chefchaouen, Morocco Shadow Maker - Sometimes the light Is too bright Too hot to bear So I shelter In a shadow Of my own making I see this now Without judgment The light remains The shadow is Temporary
Blue Doors, Chefchaouen, Morocco Blue - I get the blues sometimes Not that there's anything wrong with that Blue was my favourite colour as a child Even now, in the blues, there is a beauty And options
Risk Cacophony, Hotel Continental, Tangier, Morocco Risk ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #183 - Where might have been cacophony Strokes live within the harmony Such vital vessel filled To the edge of overflowing Yet some subtle restraint Where plaster once was white Vibrant colours paint A whole which comes across As beautiful
Palau De Les Arts, Ciuitat De Les Arts I Les Sciences, Valencia, Spain c Go Fish - It startled him The monumental lines of architecture Seemed to flex As a bow drawn by its string Then paused there Taught, straining As if for a steadying breath The release Was even more startling And he felt the shock wave When the discharged tension Shook the earth As the mammoth thing Quite simply Leapt from the ground
Windows, Palacios Nazaríes, Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain Windows - Windows from some unknown world Unto some other unknown world None which I have ever known And may not ever know Though with imagination Images gained from books and film I construct a room to serve The needs of sultans and imams Rich tapestries and silken rugs Exotic woods and metals Carved and cast exquisitely Servants and the visitors Pilgrims and the diplomats Bustling in the courtyard splendour All in reverence to the will Of God and those who know his ends Within these windows and their view
The Flow of Intricacy - I dive deep Into the intricacies Lose myself In the minutiae Step back Allow details To live and flow Breathes the rhythm Breathes the rhyme In the subtler play Of space and time
Pendant Gem - In the darkness And the light In the vibrant coloured Sunlit rays The moody greys Of cloudy days You my pendant gem Lay close Upon my heart Reminder of The subtler art Of love which is The beauty known Regardless of What eyes can see
Alhambra, from the Bell Tower, Granada, Andalucia, Spain How Far We’ve Yet to Go - In an old place Beneath a brooding sky Threatening clouds Keep their promises I reflect On battlements And palaces And understand We've come not so far As we believe
Flight, Charles V Palace, Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain Flight - Confined I was Until I remembered My wings
Shadow and Light, Museu de les Ciències, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia, Spain Shadow ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #182 - >Arms wide beckoning All of being Dark to light Illumined texture Shadowed depth Through synthesis, form So am I expressed Unconfined By black or white No, I: all the subtle tones Of possibility
Medieval Walls, Morella,Castellón, Spain Medieval Walls - There was a time When walls made sense Defending a perimeter Patrolled and guarded By men well-trained and armed Against cavalry Infantry and archers Today This wall is both beautiful And a reminder of that time
Gaudi on the Mediterranean, Park Güell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Gaudi Twilight - Comes the azure And the lavender With a twilight calm While Gaudi My new friend Beckons me From near And afar
Caterpillar, Aqueduct, Park Guell, Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Trampled - Have you ever wondered What it might be like To get trampled By a caterpillar?
La Llibertaria, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain La Llibertària - Among the oppressed Expressions of resistance Become the everyday
La Lluita Persistent, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola, Catalonia, Spain La Lluita Persistent; The Persistent Fight - The struggle continues Outside the halls of learning Where words are emblazoned Even shouted in the square Beyond the walls designed To confine them
Baby I Miss Your Touch - Oh, darling Across these many miles I have the touch of your words On my heart The touch of your voice In my mind The touch of your spirit On my soul But what I want Is the touch of your hand On my flesh Come back to me, my love I miss your presence With all my being
Night Spot, Carrer de L'Hospital, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catelonia, Spain Night ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #181 - Café por favor The regular stop In the deep of the night Homeward bound Warmed inside
Between Slaves, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola, Catalonia, Spain Between Slaves - Between slaves the one who protects the master is the most cowardly
But a Blur, Muntaner Metro Station, Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain Blur - I am but a blur Passing through the periphery Of this world of men Until their eyes Are trained on me And I become a creature Of penetrating interest A creature Which is not me At all Better the blur
Catalunya Political Graffiti, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Cerdanyola de Valles, Catalunya (Catalonia), Spain Catalunya - A place in the world Embattled and oppressed Like so many other Places in the world Nonetheless Vibrant, passionate, alive
Stratospheric, London to Barcelona, Somewhere over France Worlds I Can’t Imagine - I see the world In ways my ancestors Could not imagine But I wonder too At the worlds now gone I cannot imagine
Blur, South of England, Barcelona Bound, United Kingdom Beautiful Blur - Sometimes It’s a blur All of it As if through a window Stained by fog and rain A beautiful blur For which clarity Is not always An improvement
Doorways, Forbidden City, Beijing, China Courage ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #180 - We span the ages you and I across all sense of time and space our stories twine And I can’t say where it began or where it ends or if it ever will It drives you to the edge of mad (where you found me) but with your ever growing faith it’s clear Life is not so rational as you would like Discontinuous In fact
Wildfire Haze, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada Haze ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #179 - Through the haze Of day I peer Now what is near Seems quite clear But far from here Is more obscure Detail lost Colour sallowed Though sun breaks through Its presence mellowed Yet, still There's something Beautiful In forms which rise Up through the gloom And promise too Of brighter days When glory plays Beneath the rays
For Purple Mountain Majesties, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, United States of America Sunrise ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #178 - I let the day go Leave the past In the past As the harsh light fades I live in the magic glow Of this brief moment Let the darkness come Like closed eyes And a deep breath A new glory follows A light to be filled With possible moments
Seaspan & Tug, Steveston, Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada Upriver ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #177 - Against both tide and current Headway slow and steady Though the river hurries by
Four Peaks, Tonto National Forest, Near Mesa, Arizona, United States of America Rise - I see the beauty It's not so very far And a road which leads From shadow to the light From the broken lands To where snow-capped pinnacles Rise Though I see Not so very far ahead I take the road Into the valley maze And trust myself To find the way
Dancing Boy and The Wells, SeaToSky Gondola As a Child - I danced as a child I loved as a child I laughed as a child Now as an adult I am dominated by the fear I learned as a child
Entangled, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Entangled ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #176 - Entangled in dreams and traumas My is heart betrayed By actions driven From deep inside The darkness Unplubmbed So Finally do I Enter the dark Holding the light Of my broken heart To heal the injuries And discover the truth of dreams
Pendant Screen, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Dreaming - Light and colour dreaming Resplendent core Emboldened heart Beyond the dreams,I soar
That Inner Life, Boston Pizza Waitress, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Inner Life of Healing - "You are never really gone," she tells me "The times you 'go away'," she goes on "Are like your body, treading water While you process all you've learned" Now I watch my waitress And I wonder if she is also processing The traumas of a dimly remembered past While serving another table's drink orders
Boston Pizza Momma, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Gaze - I wonder now In those quiet moments Of public solitude Am I often the object Of a gaze
The Light at the End of the Day, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada From Deep Within - At the end of the day When the darkness comes All I have to guide me Is the light which shines From deep within But that is plenty bright enough
Swirly Light, Boston Pizza, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Colour ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #175 - These moments of some small artistry Grasped upon and toyed with oh so playfully A passing thought Become a pleasing naught For there is no deeper meaning here Just some pretty colours challenging the black Amid the balanced forms I've caught
Bent - This world through lens of mind Is bent To be a thing my eyes Can see Not quite what is Reality So bend my mind to fit The world Then see only the things That fit Ignore the things that don't One bit<
That River Flows, Fraser River, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada That River Flows - That river flows While I Stand by Upon the banks Watch my life Drift idly by But why? Ask I Just join the flow The river says So I Close eyes Like the water Enter life Become the flow Then I Realize Like the river Being flows I the water Gather all The river knows 'Til I Reside In moment's rhyme The end of time
Bridges, Fraser River, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada Bridges - Across the impassable forbidding I open myself wide To possibility Begin to see the bridges With my heart With my spirit
Valley Flow, Maligne Valley, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Valley ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #174 - Through the valley Between the rocky mounts Where days go by Too fast to count Then what remains But moments lost In timeless frame I let them go And count no more Just live them all...
Etched Granite, Athabasca Glacer, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Fences ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #173 - Beyond the fence Which keeps me out Or holds me in I'm not sure which There is a place I want to be Or fled in fear I'm not sure which Until I breach And clamber through Then come to know Beyond the fence
mount athabasca, jasper national park, alberta, canada Glacial ‘Til - In a land of ever ice The snow survived The summer heat Since long before Both you and I The glaciers die The cold retreats To summer's entreat They're gone before Both you and I
fraser river pilings, steveston, british columbia, canada Vanishing ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #172 - As the sun So the pilings So the day So my life In a whir of calm And failing light The river Never stops
an ode to the seven, icefields parkway, jasper national park, alberta, canada An Ode to The Seven - I see The Seven In the land The textures The gestures The shapes and lines And the colours Oh the colours Ever vibrant Even this brown earth They painted With expansiveness Let the grandiose Dominate the brush Then I So happy For just a hint of them Through the glass Held in my hand
wordy window on the world, mojave desert, route 66, california, united states of america copy Words ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #171 - I am no Poet Least not in The classic Poet's manner I've never studied What the Poets say Nor worried much How they place their words Or why that way I do not know How to write a sonnet I am not sure What makes pentameter Iambic I hope that's OK
obsidian sea, gibsons, strait of georgia, sunshsine coast, british columbia, canada Empty Sails - I sailed across Obsidian sea On breathless eve With pastel sky And the moon By just a half Whispered lightly On the sly Love awaits On farther shore Beneath the peaks Upon the sand It will not linger For a moment more Nor even greet you When you make land If no love Has filled your sails If no love Has filled your sails
pitter patter, britannia beach, howe sound, sea to sky highway, british columbia, canada Pitter Patter - Pitter patter Falls the rain And the leaves Splish splash Boat at anchor On the sea Roly poly Float the logs Storms set free
the susurrus of grey, britannia beach, howe sound, sea to sky highway, british columbia, canada ii The Susurrus of Grey - On a day I wondered If the rain might never end The clouds did not break The sun did not shine So I sat with the rain Found the beauty in the greys With the susurrus of droplets Falling on the gentle sea In the peace I found there The spark of a mirthful hope Perhaps it would be better If the rain did never end
rocky mountain peaks, maligne valley, jasper national park, alberta, canada Implacable - It is the hard Which asks me To be soft The unyielding Asks me To yield So I become the cloud Pass over the peaks Flow through the valley I align with the supple forces Which overcome the implacable
query, alphabet ball sculpture, new west public library, new westminster, british columbia, canada Time and Beauty - Burnished Pitted Patinaed Oh The many beauties Of ageing
winter mesa, mesa verde national park, colorado, united states of america copy Blanket ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #170 - On a crisp chill morn' Paradox so comforting Fresh blanket of snow
Winter Rangeland, Highway 87, Somewhere between WInslow and Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America Move along - It's time to set The wheels in motion Time to move along Not so much To just be rolling Much more to have Intent No need for Destination No need To have a plan Not yet But scan Horizons For potential For places I'd like To get
blue hour, howe sound, from sea to sky highway, british columbia, canada Wheeling Through Space and Time - Planets in the sky Stars along the shore Flickering And I A constellation A God Wheeling through space And time Across the eternal Infinite
broken starburst, bow river, bow river parkway, banff national park, alberta, canada To View or be Present - In the sky A convulsion of light While below The Bow Winds its way Down the valley floor With the forest Standing sentry And I Delight in the roar Of rushing water Coursing over stone For a moment At least As content To view the scene As to be in it
falling, athabasca falls, athabasca river, jasper national park, alberta, canada ii Falling - I tumble Into an unknown Wrapped within A cacophony Of confusion Resist And be dashed against The rocks Let go Allow the chaos To coalesce I rejoin Resolving flow Into the known
apache gap and four peaks, tonto national forest, near mesa, arizona, united states of america To Climb into the Light - Deep in the shadows Through the gap Where the main road flows I catch flashes Of the light above So pull aside And clamber up Into the light Where a breath-taking world Awaits
rainbow spray, athabasca falls, athabasca river, jasper national park, alberta, canada Spray Borne - Spray borne of the pummeling Where river falls upon the stone Captures sun and holds it there Delight in all the colours eyes can see Arrayed in spectral artistry
narrow channel, athabasca falls, athabasca river, jasper national park, alberta, canada Rapid ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #169 - A chasm in my spirit formed Through which my rage and pain now roils Channeled through such rugged gorge It churns and gouges rocky walls With ill effect upon my soul I hold on tight This tiny raft Upon the raucous Seething froth Ride the fury Through the pass All the while Seek inward calm
vital tumult, athabasca falls, athabasca river, jasper national park, alberta, canada Vital Tumult - Have you ever noticed How exciting the tumult is The uproar and confusion How vital and present it feels We battle through it We quell the uproar We resolve the confusion We overcome And it feels good Even in the midst Of the worst of times These are the best of times So I wonder how it is We fail to acknowledge Just how much We love a good war We are a species Of adrenaline junkies Bent on our own destruction Because it makes us feel alive
valley floor sunset, tonto national forest, looking toward mesa, arizona, united states of america Words Escape Me - Words Sometimes Escape me Overwhelmed As they are By the inexplicable So I settle in Allow the divine To speak for itself
Creation - No matter how many times I look at a moment Or a thing I find something new No matter how many times I look into myself Listen to my spirit I find someone new These are all Acts of creation Rather than Discovery
Brown's Peak Sunset, onto National Forest, From Apache Gap, Near Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America Be Still - I find myself in moments When even my hyper-active mind Knows to be still And listen Let nature speak
From Grim to Glimmer - Finally! The grey grim relents On the first day Of a new year The last act Of a once reticent sun This vibrant glimmer This display of possibility
A New Light, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Himalaya Foothills, Near Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Dawn comes - The dawn came And though the clouds were thick And there was not much light And little hint of the sun The long night had broken People woke from deep slumber Able to find their way Even before the morning fog cleared The darkness Became day The grimness Became hope
Smoked In Sunset, Transcanada Highway, Approaching Golden, British Columbia, Canada Reset: Next! - The year Grew darker Every day Grim hope Bleak finale Reset: next!
Athabasca Bridge, Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Bridges ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #168 - We build a bridge To cross the gap Or tear it down No going back Below the deck A roiling rift Divides our world Apart, we drift But let us take A moment, slow To contemplate Terrain below I'm sure we'll find On valley floor Our common ground Then peace restored
Chasm, Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Chasm - Roar of the river My own deafening fury Churning water cuts a chasm Seething anger rends my spirit Standing on the ledge Letting rage flow away Wounds upon my soul Close and begin to heal
Into the Chasm, Athabasca Falls, Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Power - I stand beside the chasm's tumult Powerless to end the flood Or even mitigate the flow Spectator at the edge Close enough to feel the spray Of power's fearsome rush
Blackened Earth, Highway G215, Nearing Liuyuanzhen, Gansu Province, China Rolling through the Ebony - Rolling through A land of crushed ebony Tarry asphalt dividing The slender white lane markers And scrubby tufts of amber I scramble up an ebony mound To find a landscape of ebony mounds Growing to distant mountains All of the same ebony skin "At least," I think, out loud Into the air so dry It swallows up the words Right off my tongue "the falling sun seems less Like a fire On a cast-iron skillet."
Glory Morning Light, Low's Peak, Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia Glory - Glory morning light Painted on expansive sky Darkness climb refrain
Joy and Giving, Fraser River Valley, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada For All I Have and All that’s Yet to Come - On this day Of joy and giving Of gifts received Of blessings offered I am most grateful For all I have For all that's yet to come For all the possibility Which I can not yet see Most of all For the love I give And am given freely The love pervading all On this and every day The grace we share through love
Howe Sound Sunset, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Grateful - Some moments seem forged As a reminder to be Grateful for it all
Stillness, Howe Sound, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Stillness ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #167 - On some unseen horizon Beyond my peace of mind Where shadows play In savage grey And hope has not yet Even hope No flutter on the water No ripple in the wind No fish or whale To breech the sea No gull on wing To cry the air alive No colour falls to eye In this world Of nothingness In stillness Drifted I
This Cacophony of Being, Britannia Mine, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada On the Cacophony of Being - This spirit of life This beauty This pain This anguish This love This cacophony of being That is I That is experience That is action Tension of light and dark Tension of right and wrong Never grey Never muted That mud of fear That mud of anger Gripping at my heart Gripping at my mind But I will not Go under But I will not Lie down Or die In the silence Of living Without venture
Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, United States of America Plateau - I dig down Unpack another layer I dig down Unpack another layer Another Another Another How many layers deep? I see only the next Unpack another See another Unpack Another Until I don't want To see anymore Unpack anymore Dig anymore
Another Roadside Attraction, Route 66, Mojave Desert, California, United States of America Inexorable Intent - Necessity creates Necessity destroys Intentional purpose Inexorable decay Dynamic tension Eternally entwined
Valley Glow, Squamish River Valley, Tantalus Lookout, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Valley Glow - In light too slight For human eye I setup lens With hope intent Rack focus to eternity Allow the night To enter frame Count out seconds Three by ten Capturing These timely glows One from headlight's driven thrust Unfurls along the river's edge Another rises up To meet the clouds Escape from streets Illuminate
Vibrant Greys, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Texture ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #166 - All the many greys Timbres in a spectrum visual Monochromatic textures In untouchable dimensions Which I nonetheless Touch
Reign of Tears, Castle White Spire, The Magicians, Season II, Vancouver, Canada Reign of Tears - Tears reign Glittering From the cheeks Of multitudes Driven to despair By the shepherds Of fear Reeking of the violence Wrought by anger And the platitudes of righteousness
The Sky, The Sea, The Land, North of Santa Cruz, Pacific Coast Highway, California, United States of America The sky; the sea; the land - The sky like a distant hope The sea is my rolling pain The land oh, it anchors soul And I hold the sky Let the pain roll away Heel to land find my soul
Peeling IV, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada Peeling - I study the frame Seek the beauty In the broken The decrepit And ugly I find it Almost always A lesson as valuable For the photographer As for the pilgrim
Shimmer Wings, Fireboat, English Bay, British Columbia, Canada Butterfly - Shimmer wings filter Sunset glitter dying day Butterfly takes flight
The Wind, Point Reyes National Seashore, California, United States of America Steady in the Wind - I recall the wind Insistent Pummeling Leaning into it Just to stand upright I recall the sun Hard And hot Burning through The cold air coursing I recall the sea Singing Its white noise crescendo The roar Of a planet alive I recall this moment Blissfully Unattached Firmly rooted to ground In the grip of experience
Himalayan Foothills Sunrise VIII, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Steps ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #165 - Sometimes the light Seems very far And the way So dark and perilous And the path Occluded mystery I remind myself Just take a step I remember Where every journey begins I find my courage In the many paths already taken I’ve held the light before I’ve made my way before I’ve found the path before I will hold the light again
Sunset, The Strait of Georgia, BC Ferries, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada An Unmoving Frame - I began to notice With fascination Placing a moving object Near the center of the frame Tended to convince my mind’s eye The object was no longer moving
Celestial Lullabye, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada Earth-song - Clouds pull blankets high The sun playing peak-a-bye Earth-song's lullaby
Crescent Sliver, Bowen Island, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Sliver of Light - A sliver of a whole Adrift in a vast duskiness Far removed From this gentle Earth Yes I know something about you Moon But soon enough The stars, and the Milky Way So I want to thank you now Moon For the reminder to come That I need not linger In the dusk
Perfect Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America Perfect - This perfect valley In the perfect light With the perfect clouds Make a perfect moment This perfect is mine Not the valley's Not the light's Not the clouds' I remind myself True happiness Is found in finding The perfect in everything
Golden Heights, Bolinas, From Panoramic Highway, Mt. Tamalpais State Park, California, United States of America Heights ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #164 - From the Golden State's Golden heights I kick back Refreshed by the cool breeze Chilling the fire Of the hot sun Atop the curvilinear delights Of hillocks dappled With grasses and pines Where even infinity seems so close I could touch it Right there As the curve of the Earth Rounds the line Where ocean meets the sky
Fallen Colours, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Fallen - Fallen colour fades Silent soldiers lying still After the battle
Obscured Emergence, Yosemite National Park, California, United States of America Frame of Mind - Obscure :: Emerge Mystery :: Fascinate Cloak :: Protect Soften :: Soothe Dreary :: Rainfall Soak :: Nourish Storm :: Excite Dour :: Beauty
Draft Lager, Dubh Linn Gate Pub, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Liquid Meditation - Sometimes The clink of glass Works as well As a meditation bell The first Long Draft Is a Deep Breath In Attachments melt away The mind quiets Its obsessive Narcissism For a moment Nothing else matters But this Single Moment
All the Sky was Smoke, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada All the Sky was Smoke - The creatures toiled Upon the land They built machines To ease the work Created engines To drive the cogs And fueled it all With all that burned For every thing The creatures made Five other things Were thrown away For every turn Of every cog The fuel they burned Created smog 'Til over time Before too long In fact, before The fuel was gone Their world could not Sustain their waste The climate changed With break neck pace
Beleaguered Pier, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Curtain Call - Beleaguered pier Time chastened Weather beaten A formation Of pilings Long past utility Though still They throw A striking pose Just before The curtain Falls
Andaman Sea Sunset, Near Krabi, Thailand From Deep Within - If the sky can seem to be So many layers deep Illuminated so vibrantly From deep within Perhaps, so can I
Handmade Boats, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India Handmade ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #163 - I let the rough asymmetry Of a handmade world Wash over my being Imprecise Imperfect Reminded I am an organic being Cradled in a manufactured world And my notions of beauty Have been filtered By the means of manufacture