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Plume, Tatntalus Mountain Range, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Invisible Wind - A cloudless sky An invisible wind But for the snow Dragged over the peaks A roiling plume Like my mind As I'm buffeted Not so steadfast As the rocky peaks
Howe Sound Sunset, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada For Earth Day - When the moon and planets align In the darkness that is not yet night I am reminded that this home, this Earth Is one preciously small orb In a vastness sporadically dotted With preciously small orbs An infinitesimal in the infinite Just like me
Snow Man, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada Slumber ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #136 - He slept as it snowed And it became The slumber of aeons His awakening would be Celebrated around the world Though his eyes never opened again
Forgotten Library, Britannia Mining Museum, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada Forsaken Library - It had been a library Once I guess it still was Though What did that matter Few Enough left who could Read The irrelevant past Now Silly stories of Love Self help for plentiful Times Dystopian imaginings for a world of Ease So it was no wonder salvagers Found No value in the printed Word
Vancouver and Harbour, From Woodward's Building, British Columbia, Canada Builders We - Such prolific builders we Who raze an endless stand of trees Erecting concrete towers in their place With geometric rigour lacking nature's grace We sunder her, retrain our eyes to see
Shadows in the Mist, Black Sand Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United State of America Shadow in the Mist - I remind myself Step Into my being Out of the shadows Beyond the mist Steadfast Manifest Consummate
Patterns in Steel, Alphanumeric Sphere, New Westminster Public Library, New Westmeinster, British Columbia, ,Canada Finding the Steel - Beaten Crushed Defeated I find the steel Within To go on
Queen of the Bazaar, Chandni Chowk market in Old Delhi, New Delhi, India More Love - Come away with me I will let you be Whoever you wish to be He doesn't love you Who would limit you To who you are now He does not love you Who would have you All to himself That is not love But the need of love Like a fetish
This Little Buoy, Melfort Bell, Carolina Channel, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada This Little Buoy - This little buoy Between the rocks Bobs and clangs In gentle swells A narrow draft 'Tween reef and land One red one green The channel marked At night Her light Bright green Is seen Green on the port To find the port Green to starboard Then sail the seas
Wake, From Lions Gate Bridge, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Wake - Always looking forward I move through the world Oblivious to the wake Left in my path Until I look back Into the shadowy past And see the ripples Of my existence Disturb the worlds of […]
Occluded Valley, Banff National Park, Icefields Parkway, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada Occluded ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #135 - Oh the grandiosity Of mountain ranges Under cloudless skies Though here demurred Occluding smoke Smothers valley's depth and scale Still, upon a closer look The trees, a ridge A jagged line And then another Slight serrated edge The third and fourth both smoother still
A litle light electrical, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India Just Take It In - Sometimes I just take it in Don't try to figure things out Sometimes There's just too much going on Too many possibilities Overwhelmed Confused Disoriented So I watch So I listen And try not to think Let it all settle
Buddha Subduing Mara, Wat Shri Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand Awakening - In the blurry fog Of Western Christianity In which there seemed Oh so much hypocrisy The gentle touch Of Eastern thought Guided me Along a different path Straight to the heart Of Christ's own ways
I in the Crowd, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada I in the Crowd - I scan the crowd Everyone so different Yet all the same And then there is I So different still From all the rest Or so I like To think
Melfort Bell, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Melfort Bell - I listen For the smallest voice Deep inside It always Rings true Guiding me through
So Goes the Wind, Frank Island, Chesterman Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada II Prevailing Winds - So goes the wind So goes nature
To the Delight of Tourists, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, India An Intimacy Between Strangers - >There is a certain kind of inner smile Which accompanies a smile shared among strangers An experience to be treasured
Aqua and Azure, Chesterman Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Aqua and Azure ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #134 - On another day The storms would come To whip the sea Into delightful fury But today Though the wind be high In the lee of the rocks A delightful calm I love them both The battering grey The aqua and azure Though...
Strait of Georgia Sunset, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada I the Sun; You the Moon - I wonder at you Lapping at the shores Of my consciousness The light sussuru of wavelets Tumbling onto the beach A constant presence Only noticed When I turn my mind to you And I realize You're always there A tide In constant ebb and flow As I live in the world of the sun And you the moon
Black Hole, Light Fixture, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada The Most Powerful Love - I try to imagine Something more powerful Than the beauty of you More magnetic Than the light of your being Something which could draw me in With such inescapable gravity As the love I've discovered At the center of your heart
The Glow of Life, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada The Glow of Life - he glow of lights I see at night Try to perceive In light of day As aural gleam A sign of this Candescent life
Celestial and Terrestrial Meet, Near Lions Bay, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Celestial Dream - Where celestial And terrestrial Meet Glory Falls Once Too soon fades to black Though quick enough to rise again The gloried swell To consciousnes From dream
Little Black Cloud, Gibson's, Sunshine Coast, Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada The Next Refrain - There's a little black cloud In the sky tonight Between the setting sun And the bright moonlight There's an indigo rush As blood and ochre fight And the sea is becalmed Beneath the mountains might I have stood here before In this sundown pain And the stars still to come After the planets reign With the world writ so large I feel my being wane Falling deep into grace I sing the next refrain
Night Passage, Amphitrite Point, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Night Passage - Sweeping beam Lights the way Then guided home By bell and whistle Safe harbour waits Through narrow channel Between the rocks Let us not stray
Eastern Glow, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada Eastern Glow - While others gaze Upon low lying sun I turn my eye Unto opposing sky And glory in The subtler shades Which vibrance Though far less pronounced Such bare honest glow With its gracious tones In soft pastel Restrained
Rangeland Sunset, Alanreed, Texas, United States of America Rangeland Sunset - Making time Across a wide flat land Sky burnished amber Prairie icons Punctuate the horizon In a place of Simplest existence Simple and hard And I drive on
Magic Sunlight, Melfort Bell, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Magic Sunlight - Sometimes I remember It's just a star Sometimes I realize The magic of its light Most days It rises, it sets Another day gone by But today It's magic And so am I
Sunday Sunset, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Sunday - Through the trees The rock And the sea A rugged shoreline In splendid Repose While I Breathe silently In time With the rush of ocean Upon the land Dappled sun Offers Tonic warmth
Aliens, Barnacles, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Aliens - I look to the sky Wondering If the aliens will ever come I look to the sea Realizing They're already here
Cluster of Life, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada Clustered - I marvel at life All clustered together Enclaves of variety And I wonder at you and I With all that space We put between us And still We just can't Get along
Blue Moon, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Blue Moon - The dimmest light Is yet magical Illumines The profound Generous With mystery
Amphitrite Night, Amphitrite Lighthouse, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Light ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #133 - In the darkness Sweeping light So sidle by Serrated shore Escorted in Safe harbour Waits
Barnacles and Mussels, Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Barnacles and Mussels - When my sense of wonder Needs to be renewed I rely on nature
Golden Vein, Salmon Beach, Near Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada Golden Vein - A seam ran through his being Like a little vein of gold Cleaving the dark bitterness When he sensed its presence The bitter fell away Illuminating the darkness When he couldn't All he sensed Was darkness
Stillness - The clouds Racing the sky The sea Boils and churns And I Quiet my mind Be still Become the stone
Curious Young Monk, Lagrangsi Monastery, Xiahe, Gansu Province, China Curiosity - Into the deepest shadows I peer Before entering Initiate Expectant With trepidation But driven By curiosity And possibility
Hoodoo Fire, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, United States of America Hoodoo Fire - Spark Flame Ember Fire Burning Sear Sizzle Licking Blazing Conflagration Scorched
Uluru Texture, Ayers Rock, Nothern Territory, Australia The Texture of Beauty - What seems smooth From afar Proximity reveals Scars Pockmarks Weathering Textures Of distress Hardship Healing Evidence Of strength Tenacity Resilience The marks of true beauty
Howe Sound Twilight, Sea to Sky Highway, Near Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada Twilight ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #132 - In the failing twilight Upon the farther shore Warm lights rise In the encroaching night I wonder at the lives Lived in the glow Which to me Seems just a dot Reflected Off a still sea Yet I Remain - Reach for the sky Stand proud And straight Find new intent
Dourest Grey, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Grace Which Offers Hope - Even in the dourest grey There is a beauty Calling me Up to the light It wrests a smile From sadness Grace Which offers hope In darkest place There helps me cope Then rise Up […]
High Vantage, Above Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia Brothers and Sisters of the World - Travelling In the family Of travelers Brothers and sisters Of the world We bring its people together
Times I Never Lived, Blue Swallow Motel, Route 66, Tucumcari, New Mexico, United States of America Times I Never Lived - I like to reminisce About Times I never lived They seem to be much Grander Than the times I'm living now I create them like A dream All lofty and sublime Believing there's A truth To the beauty of the lie
This Golden Touch, Buddha Dispelling Mara, Wat Shri Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand This Golden Touch - This golden touch I reach for Earth Connect to it And all that is With quiet mind Become as one With everything
Earth and Sky on Fire, Midway Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States of America Sky and Earth on Fire - The sky And Earth On fire Like your touch Trailing a line Along my flesh
Coal Harbour Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada All I know - I often wonder If the city is The beauty it seems to me Or perhaps some Unmitigated tragedy A grand delusion At the end of a road A wrong fork taken Many eons ago Was I really meant To live this way Were we It's all I know But is it All I can know
Pretty String, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Pretty Things - A little bit of string Round and round The weathered trunk Such a pretty thing I don't know why it's there Not that I really care It's warm There's sun That little bit of string Is just the perfect thing
Old Wood Cool, Downtown Eastside Alley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Old Wood Cool - He was old wood cool Rugged, lined and beautiful Someone people clung to Like paint He didn't choose his friends Everyone was welcome And he played no favourites But few weathered well in his company Most faded quickly In that radiant presence I loved the bastard And hated him
Lost to Eternity, Fast Frames, Denman and Nelson, West End, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Lost to Eternity - His memory of them was faint Especially his father The moments Which held them both Were few And distorted Because he tried so hard To place features On their bodies On their faces Which he just couldn't recollect Over time he'd lost The recollection of the places, too
Here It Comes, Denman & Nelson, West End, Vancuver, British Columbia, Canada Here It Comes - He Never Saw it Coming No one Ever Does
Barely Solid, Fast Frames, Denman & Nelson, West End, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Blur and Shadow - Sometimes the world seems Populated by blurs and shadows Even I am not entirely solid I often wonder, then Am I the blur? Am I the shadow? In all those other eyes I can barely see
Frozen in the Frame, Fast Frames, Denman & Nelson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Time ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #131 - Walk/don't walk Stop/maybe don't stop Make up my mind Wavering on this indecision Irresolute at the crossroads Considering east and west North and south All avenues open None being taken With nowhere to go And all day to get there I am not going Anywhere
Ocean of Calm, Porteau Cove Provincial Park, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Ocean of Calm - The serenity Of the shoreline With the mist And the clouds An ocean of calm Like a breath And a sigh
tugboat on amber seas, burrard inlet, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.jpg Missing the Sea - It's a funny thing That I live just one block From the ocean Often times smell the salt And the tide Through an open window And yet I miss the sea An urban inlet Is not a wide sandy beach On a limitless sea With breakers vaulting salt spray Into the atmosphere
Painting in Shop Window, Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Eye - Eye check my ego Eye check my arrogance Eye look in the mirror Remind myself to look away So eye can see the me who is Rather than the me who is seen Eye reflect on my deeds, on my actions Measure them against my ideals, my beliefs I is a thing Which cannot see Beyond the shell Which houses I
Stormy Wake, Queen of Cowichan, BC Ferries, Georgia Strait, Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada II On My Way to Somewhere Other - I would rather be On my way to somewhere other Preferably by sea
Sunset, Gibsons, Strait of Georgia, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada Occluded Light - I try to let the light in But the clouds Occlude it A dark shroud The gentle beat of my heart A metronome A clockwork But the thrum of life Is not the energy of being Body working; spirit latent
Storm Clouds, Rocky Mountains, Trans Canada Highway, British Columbia, Canada Too Late and Far Too Much - It tastes like despair The air Like defeat and despair The charged atmosphere Alive after the months Of dead, dry heat Thunder rolls across The parchment plains Rain is coming Too late And far too much
A Sprig of Green, Riverbiew Hospital, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada Nature’s Sigh - A sprig of green On concrete sky The world we make Makes nature sigh
Live Feed, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Pics or it didn’t happen - Pics or it didn't happen But I was so busy Photographing Instagramming Facebooking Snapchatting Wordpressing Tweeting It happened But I wasn't there
Beautiful Presence, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Aarti Ceremony, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Beautiful Presence - I am never more beautiful In countenance In presence In spirit Than when my mind is quiet Connected to all things At peace with myself And the moment, just as it is
Himalaya Foothills I, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Called - The road goes on ahead Down, down, down Into the smokey valley But I would stay here Above the floor Above the fray In the unfettered sun Where the mountain breeze Clears the air, so pure If not for the call And the necessity For the work
Himalaya Foothills Sunrise VI, Kunjapuri Devi Temple, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India Daybreak - Gently I enter the day Warming slowly To the light The birdsong The clackety rumbling Of footfalls and engines Outside the window As existence draws me back Into being Though, really I could do with a few more hours Of non-being
Angel of the Ganga, Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India Moments ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #130 - There is a moment A moment before A moment after Each with their own tenor Their own flavour Their own meaning There is the overall The changing times The recollected meaning Of a moment Made up of moments All part of another Moment
Mother and Daughters II, Ganges River (Ganga), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India The Holy Ganga - There are waters in this world I would not so much As dip a toe in I am thinking As a mother purifies herself In the waters of the holy Ganga While her daughters prepare To leap in, yet again
Kites in the Dusk II, On the Ganga (Ganges River), Kashi (Old Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India Kites in the Twilight - A story told In every land Come twilight In the quiet time We take repose In gentle acts Of little Or no Consequence Though An unsubtle beauty In recompense
Enveloped in Fog, Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada The Fog of Pain - I wonder why she lingers There An hour or so Every day On the bench By the shore On the edge of the fog I wonder why But I think I know That bridge has been enough trouble For us No For me Maybe just for me Even before the fog
sphere-of-influence-tantalus-mountain-range-sea-to-sky-highway-british-columbia-canada Astronomical Beauty - Sometimes I wonder If I have stepped onto another world But... Could there be another place In the universe As beautiful as this one?
Howe Sound Greys, Porteau Cove, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Magic Isle - Like some magic Isle Home of sorcerers and kings A misty shroud Hides secret things The waters Preternaturally Still Beneath them slinks Unearthly beast And I A Knight With hallowed sword Will sail across Beyond the wards And battle dragons Which hurl epithets And fire
Light and Darkness ~ Shadow, Lattice Wall and Light, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Cinematography - We master the light Know the science, the art The secrets of magic Welcome to The grand illusion Where we transform The most mundane To spectacular Profoundly beautiful Cinematically ugly Or other worlds Never before Imagined
City of Ghosts, Coal Harbour, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Never Night - On a world Forever bright Never night The ever-present suns Bear down Hammers on An anvil Blessed shade and gloom In an existence Which fears the light Grateful for each eclipse Beauty in the shadows Mystery in the illumined Too bright for eyes to see
Breathing Fire, New Brighton Park, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Imagination ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #129 - In the dimness I saw a monster on my bed But just a towel In a jumble A child's mind Trying to make sense In reflections I see a dragon breathing fire But just a building With a light on Like the child Imagination still at play
Blue Pier, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Expect the Unexpected - There are places On this Earth Which taught me Expect the unexpected And still They surprise me
Fire and the Boy, The Ganga (Ganges River), Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India copy The Infinity Beyond My Ken - Possibilities The ways of being I cannot comprehend Exploring the infinity Beyond my ken What I love about existence
Langley, British Columbia, Canada Beneath an Unblinking Eye - In the light I am caught Ominous It hangs there No rotor wash No engine sound A not quite motionless Hover A spectacular Unblinking eye Staring at me
Gridlock, Chandni Chowk Market, Old Delhi district, New Delhi, India Strange and Familiar - Familiar to a billion But utterly strange To me Yet... perhaps no greater love for this moment Whether it seem strange or familiar Than mine
a path so well lit, Over Lynn Manor, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada A Path So Well Lit - Sometimes the path Is so well lit With little thought I follow it And then it ends So I arrive At places Unexpected
Moon and Shadows, Davis Bay Pier, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada Moon & Shadow - In the warmth of a summer night We picnic on the pier A gathering of family and friends Me, set apart, just pondering We are all just shadows In the moonlight Beneath a darkening sky Of stars and cloud All in motion, even I In this moment fixed in time Which has no memory Or destiny
Clouds Whispering, Gibsons, Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada Clouds Whispering - A rocky beach A sleepy sea A sulfur sky And cobalt high Clouds whispering Breathe in the air My body sings With the beauty Of existence
Serrated Edge, Tantalus Mountain Range, From Tantalus Lookout, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Serrated Edge - Serrated edge Rips the sky Sunders ice Pleases eye
Ice and Hoar Frost, Rainbow Beach, Alta Lake, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada Frozen ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #128 - Sometimes The ripples of change Become frozen Caught in time Like the waves Lapping up on the fringe Of a freezing lake And I am the ship Caught in arctic ice Waiting out the season Hoping for the sea to open
Dull greys, New Delhi Rail Station, New Delhi, India Escaping the Dull - Dull grey sky, New Delhi Rail Station, New Delhi, India
Stillness, Bicycle Rickshaw Line,, Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, India Stillness - Sometimes I wonder If I be still For just a moment longer If I can be present In all this shadow and blur Will the world make more sense Will anyone see Me
Blur, Bicycle Rickshaw Line, Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, India Anonymity - The blur that is life In the anonymity of movement
Bicycle Rickshaw, New Delhi, India Point of Recognition - Where was I? When I shot this? Like waking up In a strange bed In a strange room Trying to find That one thing That one point Of recognition A silhouette Bicycle rickshaw India
Evening Glow, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Eventide - Afterglow Eventide Drifting in Endless calm An in-drawn breath A soft exhale Mind so still No rippling In nature's thrall Eyes glistening
Britannia Sunset, Britannia Beach, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada All in a Sunset - I feel the calm The blue cool The amber warmth And the universe All around me And then I remember I am the universe I am the cool And the warmth I am the calm
Psychedelic Sunset, Near Lions Bay, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Imagine - Oh what a gift Imagination is To take the world And bend it To make what is not Into what is
Rainbow Sky, Near Lions Bay, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Blemish ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #127 - Vibrant rainbow spans the sky Colours smooth (though lacking green) Broken only by small clouds Blemish on a model's cheek Mirrors ferry, homeward bound
A Ridge to Climb, Tantalus Mountain Range, From Tantalus Lookout, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Into the Heights - A ridge to climb Into the heights And touch the sky Dangerous Treacherous Perilous But such is life Even safe on Valley floor Respect the risks Then undertake To peak the crest
Clarity, Tantalus Mountain Range, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Clarity - There’s a spiritual sensation of connectedness I get from time to time, a few moments in time that feel as though I’m connected to and can sense the existence of all things, an awareness that there is a grand spiritual reality...
Sunburst, Tantalus Mountain Range, From Tantalus Lookout, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada Sweet Light - Spectacular The star Which gives us life And cobalt sky Which warms us From the chills Of winter snows And greens the Earth So richly lush With verdigris But light The centre Of all things Needs not a star To warm the heart Or dispel the shadows Of the mind
Powder Dome, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Halfway from the Valley to the Sky - A different world Halfway from the valley To the sky The snow white expanse Promising the bliss Of expansive powder In my mind Are endless turns Each a moment Of transformation Of perfect zen
Black and White Tusk, Near Whistler, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada Black and White Tusk - Oh, this once molten heart Heat like the sun Once burned within Now hardened black In icy shroud Ironic white provides no light
Golden Hour, Near Lions Bay, Sea to Sky Highway, Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada Vibrant Explosion - In the cool calm Of a dusky Sunday Daylight expires With a vibrant explosion
Depth, Howe Sound, From Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada Depth ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #126 - I seek the depths Plummet through the layers Finding comfort In the silent saturation Of unknowns To be discovered
Someone Selling Something, Banks of the Ganges River, Kashi (Old Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India Selling Something to Someone - It is said Anywhere you stand in China You will see at least One human being But I noticed Anywhere I stood in India I could see someone Selling something To someone else
City Street with Scooter, Kashi (Old Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India Crossing Boundaries - To explore other worlds I must cross the boundaries I've erected to contain my own
Looking Back, Random Train Platform, Delhi to Agra Express, Uttar Pradesh, India copy Peering Back - I observe the world People, structures, nature Though people most of all I peer into their world Try to understand what they see How they see it It helps me see The nuance in my own world In my own perception
Personal Dramas, Red Fort, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India Broken Hearted - A broken heart Cares not Whether the beloved Wears a crown Or a t-shirt And dungarees The world seems No smaller, no larger As it crashes down