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Shadow Selfie, U.S. Highway 50, Lincoln Highway, Loneliest Road in America, East of Eureka, Nevada, USA

Shadow Selfie

I have to admit there are an overabundance of road pics in my catalogue, photographs in which various streets, highways, byways and gravel tracks from my travels serve as the primary subject of a landscape. Mind you, I’m not apologizing for that.  We photograph and write about what we know and love, and I love few things more than being behind the wheel of a car (or pedaling a bicycle) through unknown country. Over 40+ years of driving and cycling I’ve amassed several hundreds of thousands of miles wheeling on just about every road surface imaginable.

Safe to say, I know roads.

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The Truer Path, US Highway 50,93,6, The Loneliest Road, Ely, Nevada, United States of America

The Truer Path

My fear is always
More about the road
Already travelled
Than what is to come

I carry the past
As tragedies
And failures

Then project them ahead
Like road signs

Diverting me from a truer path

I remind myself
When checking the rearview

Acknowledge the tragedies and failures
Along the road once travelled
But leave them in the past

Then bring to mind
The triumphs and successes
Project these on every road ahead
As billboards of encouragement