Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume One

Pix to Words Magazine Cover
Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I
The first edition of the official Pix to Words magazine featuring photographs, poetry and short fiction posted to the blog. This inaugural volume showcases many of the exhibited works at Patrick’s first solo gallery show at Gallery Bistro during August and September of 2018. The magazine itself is 40 pages lushly printed in full-colour on high resolution paper.

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An Artistic Encounter With Nature

An Artistic Encounter With Nature: Stories, Poems and Photographs From Chesterman Beach, by Patrick Jennings
An Artistic Encounter With Nature: Stories, Poems and Photographs From Chesterman Beach
This book compiles many of the stories and poems inspired by an afternoon photographing the shifting patterns of sand and crushed seashell on Chesterman Beach on Vancouver Island’s Pacific coastline, British Columbia, Canada. It was published as part of a 2018 gallery exhibit, Harmony in Word and Form, which included an installation of nine photographs taken that day. The book was displayed with the photographs so that gallery visitors could read the stories and poems the photographs had inspired. The title is taken from the story which was forming in my mind even as I was combing the beach for photographs.
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The Wheat was Ripe and it was Sunday.

Travelers' Tales China: True Stories
Travelers’ Tales China: True Stories

Patrick’s travel story, The Wheat was Ripe and it Was Sunday, compares and contrasts rural farm life in 1990’s China with early 20th century farm life on the Canadian prairies as depicted in Canadian author Sinclair Ross’ short story, Cornet at Night (from the anthology, The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories). This story was first posted on Patrick’s Ejournal blog during a rather epic 1998 bicycle crossing of China. A few years later, Traveler’s Tales published it in Travelers’ Tales China: True Stories.

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