Half the way to space

Half the way to space
We climbed
And climbed
All day we climbed

And then we rested
Ate and slept a little
Then rose
Rose up in the dark

And then we climbed
And climbed some more
Torches in our hands
Footfalls stiff
On granite cold

The object of our climb
To best the sun
To arrive there
And be waiting for it

And then we were
And soon enough
It came

And then, surprise
A glory unimagined
The colours
From what seemed
Half the way to space

The prize of triumph
All our climbing
Shared there at the top
Shivering at altitude
And savouring each moment

Low’s Peak
Mount Kinabalu
Borneo, Malaysia

Taken during travels, 1995

Halfway to the Sky
Halfway to the Sky
A response to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is Victory.