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Deep Valley, Navajo Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Utah, United States of America

Grand ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #323

I stand upon this grandest rim
Try to imagine unthinkable time
Relent before too long such fruitless task
Instead I’ll contemplate this lazy little rhyme

Through the plateau
The Colorado pickaxe falls
Reveals sedimental sandstone rings
The eons marked on canyon walls

Rock bottom finds the hardest rock
Twelve hundred meters down below
There an ancient granite shield
No deeper can the river go

But wider still
The river’s reach
A force of will
The cliffs be breached

Upstream the river
Has not yet found
The basement rock
So burrows still into the ground

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No Stony End

Young conifer
Which set down roots
Some few years ago
But now exposed
By desert rains
And so it seems
To cling to Earth
While off beyond
The hoodoos laugh
At upstart pine

You see
The mighty columns say
This once was plain
Withered away
Exposing us
The roots of Earth
Soon enough
More rain will come
Erode the land
You’re rooted on
Until you fall
Then come to rest
As dust beneath
Our hoodoo feet