The Rockies

Impending Rockies, Bow Valley Trail, Alberta, Canada
They rise
Like a Wall
The Rockies

Above the land
Which for a thousand miles
Has known only sky
And a horizon
Beyond infinity

We enter here
By the millions

Chasms of rock
Created by violence
Of geological lore

Lakes of jade and emerald
Filled by rivers
Chiseling their way
Down mountainsides
To deliver tears
Of dying ice

Grateful, am I
For this road into magnificence

Highway 1A
Bow Valley Trail
West of Cochrane
Alberta, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017

Although I didn’t do it this time, I have crossed Canada east to west on the Trans Canada Highway. From just east of Winnipeg to just beyond Calgary — not quite a thousand miles — the land is largely prairie farms or open range, a vast land of big sky, stretching 180 degrees from horizon to horizon.

The Rockies are an incredible sight after a day or three crossing that expanse.