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Filtered Light, Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Light filters down
To dim blue depths
Where it pools
In lazy patterns
Upon empty lanes
Marked here and there
With blood red tiles
And doors
While wicker lines the walls

I grab a basket
From a hook
Gather light
From the pools
To carry further
Into navy
And the black
Where deepest shadows lay

There I breathe
In dim recess
The light across
All wavelengths
Equal bright
Spirit-pure the white
With neither heat nor harm
To eyes which can now see
Beyond the self
The wall of me

I spy infinity within
Infinity without
And in between
A single point
Without space
Or time
To count
Not even

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Kingpin, Daredevil, Marvel Comics, Netflix


This body
Like a prison
And I
Caught inside
Ponder on the things
This body has done
Without my approval
Without my conscience

This body
Like a trophy
And I
Caught inside
Ponder on the things
This body has done
Beyond my ability
Beyond my creation

And I
Wonder I
At who am I
Whether this body is I
Or some other I

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Broom & Detritus, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Wisdom ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #124

A broom
To sweep away
The detritus

Of wisdoms found
And wisdoms lost
Wisdoms over-written

Time-worn wisdoms
Worn out
Worn down
Worn through and through

Worn like a cloak
Like a shield
Or wielded
Like a sword

Bon mots
Of thought

Here collected

Fragments of


The nattering
Of those
Who tell
But do not ask

And should not
     There’s the rub

Instead be

Who am I?

This wall
Has no wisdom
For me

They clutter up
My consciousness

Lead me astray
Turn me away
From where I find
The one true I
Deep inside

I breathe
Let go

In quiet mind
At the core
Of silence find
The I that is not I
But All
And One

That is all
I need to know
This simple wisdom

All are One

What more is there
To ask?

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Sunrise, Canyonlands National Park, From The Knoll, Moab, Utah, United States of America

Immensity and Nothingness

In a land criss-crossed sparingly by roads
Some asphalt, most gravel
Many traversable only on foot
I seek the high ground
To watch the dawn photons
In their ambient amber
Illuminate the vast expanse of atoms
That are rock and atmosphere and life itself

There are rare moments of connection
When I can “see” all that is
Know that I am some infinitesimal
Small part of it all