Filtered Light, Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Light filters down
To dim blue depths
Where it pools
In lazy patterns
Upon empty lanes
Marked here and there
With blood red tiles
And doors
While wicker lines the walls

I grab a basket
From a hook
Gather light
From the pools
To carry further
Into navy
And the black
Where deepest shadows lay

There I breathe
In dim recess
The light across
All wavelengths
Equal bright
Spirit-pure the white
With neither heat nor harm
To eyes which can now see
Beyond the self
The wall of me

I spy infinity within
Infinity without
And in between
A single point
Without space
Or time
To count
Not even

Here no thought about
An “I”
For such a concept
There must be
A me which finite
Time must be
And manifest
With a space
I put expression
Upon a face
Which falls away
In timelessness
Unexpressed in space

And then the light
Which is not I
But is all the “I”
That ever was
Or ever is
Or ever might
Or never will
For I can only manifest
Where time and space
Inside collected insight
From a time before
Big bang made all things
Including mind
How light falls upon
A narrow path
Deep within a blue-white hall

Filtered Light

Taken during travels, 2019