On time as a healer of precious love

On time as a healer of precious love
When I look back at that breakup
That first one
The one that was almost
But not quite
I feel the cut again

Like paper
Cutting flesh

How could paper
My friend, my ally
On which I spill my soul

Cut so deep
So painfully
Bleed so much
Heal so slowly



Because the blood stops
But it never clots

Yet that cut healed
So long ago

I see now
What could not
Be seen then

Have you lost someone?
Has your relationship shattered?
Left you alone?
Cut you in half?

Time will fill the void in your life
The time once given to someone else

It was someone very special
That person always
In some way
Will be very special
Their presence marked the shape of you
How could they not be special?

Still, you have some space now
And you’ll make more, in time

You can put more of yourself in there
You get to go back to defining yourself
Being yourself
Rather than being a couple
Defining yourself as a half

You can look in the mirror and see yourself
Rather than see a reflection of yourself
In someone else’s eyes

You can re-ignite your intimate friendships
Dole out what you were sharing with one
To a few others
See where your friendships go
How deep their roots are
You might lose some friends
But other friendships will be revealed
As deeper than you ever knew

Do you see?
You have not
Been cut in half
You are not divided

You are multiplying
You are expanding

You can do the things you like to do
Listen to your favourite music
Full blast
And sing to your heart’s content
Without worrying whether someone else
Is digging your groove

You will rediscover who you once were
And realize how you’ve changed
Make choices about what you will keep
And what will be set aside

Like the memory of a relationship
That almost was
But not quite

Looking back
Many of the best times of my life
And nearly all the best times of my growth
Came during the transitions from two to one
And one to two

You have one transition on the go
In time, you’ll get to enjoy that other
The one in which you get to discover
Another soul
And discover your own, anew
Through the eyes of another

You will be bigger
You will have multiplied
Time will have restored
Your precious love

Downtown Eastside
British Columbia, Canada, 2015
While looking for a response to WordPress’ latest Weekly Photo Challenge, Half & Half, this image struck me as perfect for the task. Even better, the reference to a painful cut reminded me of the words I’d already roughed out in a comment to Taehreh’s post Thoughts on breaking up.

The photo looks like the same image posted on Paper/Cut, but it’s a second photogaph of the same subject, treated a bit differently. Do you have a preference?