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Close Your Eyes, Time Exposure of some Random Netflix Show


She closed her eyes
Heaved a sigh
Then made the choice
She’d always made
And always would

Don’t let the bastards get you down
She whispered
Drew another breath

Don’t let the bastards get you down
She said
Drew another breath

Don’t let this bastard get you down
She growled
Then held what remained of her breath

Until she could hold it no longer
Then simply let the breath go
And with it went all the bastards

Even the one who stood before her
Who knew her well enough
That there was no coming back
Once the door closed behind him

She listened for the squeaky hinge
The groaning spring
As the door slammed shut
With satisfying finality

Boots clattered across the porch
Down the steps
Scattering gravel in the drive

A creaky metal door opened
Then screeched shut

Two roars of an engine
The second sprayed gravel
Onto the porch
While the roar  drew away
Into the insurmountable distance
Just as he had over the last month

Soon enough the birdsong dispelled her reverie
And when she opened her eyes
The world already seemed brighter
With nary a bastard in sight

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The Colour Fading, Eastside Road, Okanagan Lake, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

The Sails Long Furled

In the calm
In the calm
In the gentle calm
With the sun now gone
And the colour fading
I trace the line
In reflecting mind
From a day long past
One last empty kiss
The sails long furled
On a love at rest
I trace the line
Of her long wet tear
A single note
One regretful smear
Not for promise lost
But what never was
I’d held too long
To the love she gave
Held her close
Held her heart
Knowing all too well
Love went just one way