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Temporal Gateway

I was here some long lifetime ago
Stood on the spot just down there
To photograph the crimson golden gate
Under a crystalline sapphire sky

Here with a love soon to be parted
Here with a secret about myself
As yet undiscovered by me

It strikes me as an odd marker of time
That a place so grand as this is most remarkable

For the reminder that I am not who I was then

Golden Mist
Golden Gate Bridge
From Marin Headlands
San Francisco
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2020

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Dragon Brazier, Kong Miao, Confucius Temple, Beijing, China

The Dragon is China

“The Dragon is China,” she told me.

I nodded an assent, then shook my head… paused. “What does that mean?”

She told me. I must still not have understood, because I’ve forgotten. Only the phrase is left. I couldn’t focus, and the image in my mind drifted away.

Like this photo of a dragon-handled brazier at Kong Miao, the Confucius Temple in Beijing. Ever so slightly, focussed too deep. And like a photograph, there is no way, hard as I’ve tried, to bring China fully into focus.

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Remember me

Remember Me

In the dusky hour, the shops and stalls closed up for the night. The day’s crowds still dwindling as I wander the streets.

I am in Kashgar’s thrall. Its people, its buildings, its colours, its smells. Its efficient simplicity, driven by foot and hoof on these back alleys and lanes. The smiles; the furrowed brows; the twinkling eyes, the hard glares: of shopkeepers and shoppers.