Bif Naked

We are the lucky ones

She came into my life
Throwing a lifeline
In a turbulent time

She will never know
Nor can I explain
To her or anyone
The many ways
Her words touched me
Her songs sang to my spirit

Often enough, no doubt
Unintended ways
Meanings I needed
But she had not written

The nature
Of creation
Is to be interpreted
Then loved
For unintended wisdoms

She comes to the stage
Verve and passion
Ripping into songs
About anger, pain and suffering
About beauty, loss and love
About taking back identity

In the spaces between
She speaks love
A passion for people
And life
And living
And more love

I see the source of wisdoms
Unintended or not
The beautiful soul
Beneath, is the beautiful ink
With that beautiful smile
And those beautiful eyes
Which have seen so much

That is the spirit I once needed
To find the strength within
To discover the meanings
Which would structure
The new world of my creation

Yes, Bif Naked, I love myself today
Thank you for asking
Me and a wild, happy throng
We are the lucky ones

Bif Naked
Diana Krall Plaza
Bathtub Race Weekend Launch Party
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, July 24th, 2015