The Gas Bar

The Gas Bar
We always stopped
At the same gas bar
On the long drive up
To Grandma’s house

Ice cream, or a popsicle
An orange soda and a danish
While Gary tanked up the car
And made the windshield gleam

I take my kids up now
To see my grandmother
Still living

But the old town is dying
The gas bar shut down
Old Gary, long gone

We drive right on past
On the freeway, doing eighty
Ahead there’s a plaza
With a Chevron & Wendy’s

I’ve tanked up the car
Washed the windows to a gleam
And caught up with my family
For burgers and fries

“Oh, Dad!” the kids all groan
When I tell them again
Of ice cream and popsicles
And the gas station man

My wife looks at me
A wry smile in her eye
Still the little girl
At her father’s gas bar

Pine Breeze Inn
Arizona, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1997

Yes, that Pine Breeze Inn… from the film Easy Rider.