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La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma, Escalator to Park Guell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma

Resistance no more
This is an image
Of revolution
A call to arms
For the repressed
In Catalonia

An image, too
For us

We have been the prey
Separated from the pack
Kept down
Fed upon
By the fat cats

La Solidaritat
La Nostra Millor

Is our best

Run them off
We have the numbers
We have the power

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Joy and Giving, Fraser River Valley, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

For All I Have and All that’s Yet to Come

On this day
Of joy and giving
Of gifts received
Of blessings offered
I am most grateful

For all I have
For all that’s yet to come
For all the possibility
Which I can not yet see

And most of all
For the love I give
And am given freely

The love pervading all
On this and every day

The grace we share through love

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All the Sky was Smoke, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

All the Sky was Smoke

The creatures toiled
Upon the land
They built machines
To ease the work
Created engines
To drive the cogs
And fueled it all
With all that burned

For every thing
The creatures made
Five other things
Were thrown away

For every turn
Of every cog
The fuel they burned
Created smog

‘Til over time
Before too long
In fact, before
The fuel was gone

Their world could not
Sustain their waste
The climate changed
With break neck pace