All the Sky was Smoke, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

All the Sky was Smoke

The creatures toiled
Upon the land
They built machines
To ease the work
Created engines
To drive the cogs
And fueled it all
With all that burned

For every thing
The creatures made
Five other things
Were thrown away

For every turn
Of every cog
The fuel they burned
Created smog

‘Til over time
Before too long
In fact, before
The fuel was gone

Their world could not
Sustain their waste
The climate changed
With break neck pace

The seas all rose
From glacial melt
Desert sands
Washed out by rain
While crops all died
With years of drought
The forests burned
‘Til all was smoke

They’d made a world
No toil could fix
No engines ran
No cogs would turn
Then life died out

A smokey sky

Above a Smokey Sky
36,000 feet
Vancouver to Calgary
Over the Coast Mountain Range
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2018

For the second August in a row my travels were punctuated by the vast blanket of smoke covering much of North America.

Those of you who fly commercial airlines fairly frequently will recognize that this blanket of white is no kind of cloud you’ve ever seen. This is a cloud of wildfire smoke generated by one of the worst fire seasons ever recorded in British Columbia, eclipsing 2017’s which also proved to be a record breaker.

I’m expecting next year’s fire season will prove aggressively competitive.