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All the Sky was Smoke, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

All the Sky was Smoke

The creatures toiled
Upon the land
They built machines
To ease the work
Created engines
To drive the cogs
And fueled it all
With all that burned

For every thing
The creatures made
Five other things
Were thrown away

For every turn
Of every cog
The fuel they burned
Created smog

‘Til over time
Before too long
In fact, before
The fuel was gone

Their world could not
Sustain their waste
The climate changed
With break neck pace

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Storm Clouds, Rocky Mountains, Trans Canada Highway, British Columbia, Canada

Too Late and Far Too Much

It tastes like despair
The air
Like defeat and despair
The charged atmosphere
Alive after the months
Of dead, dry heat

Thunder rolls
Across the parchment plains

Rain is coming
Too late
And far too much

What little soil remains
After wind storms
And dust clouds
Carried the best of it
Off to the East
Will wash away
Rivulets cutting small canyons
Deep into the earth

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Sun Shower, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Winters Coming

Ten thousand years
Since last snow fell
On southern lands

Ten thousand more
When what’s now green
Was naught but fields of ice

Or so the legends say
Where all tribes came

Hard to see
In my mind
The numbers
Of the past

What once were billions
Flight reduced
To millions
In the exodus

From the desert sand
Earth had become
To this plot
Of icy rock