Night ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #314

Night Flight, two women on a scooter, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

We traverse the night
Guided by our inner light
Undistracted by the dark
Nor the turmoil of the flock in flight

Night Flight
Bali, Indonesia

Taken last night during travels, 2022

Pic and a Word Challenge

Last time we enjoyed an Experience. This week, let’s be a light in the Night. Or find something else to inspire you in this photograph of two women on a scooter, traversing the night streets of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

The Pic and a Word Challenge is (usually) a weekly creativity prompt offered (also, usually) Mondays (though it’s getting harder to make that claim 😉 ).

With each challenge I provide a photograph of mine along with a single word. The challenge? Use the pic and/or word as  inspiration to create something — a photograph, a painting, video, prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, longread or just a few words. You are welcome to use these two elements (photograph and word) literally, thematically or metaphorically. If you create both images and words, all the better.

To participate:

  • Use any title you like
  • Your response can be words and/or images
  • You may use my image to illustrate your post, or any images you have created
  • Mention that you are responding to the Pic and a Word Challenge
  • Add a link to this post in your response

To help us find your response — whether on WordPress, Instagram, Flicker, Tumblr, etc. — you can also:

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Each week, I’ll list the previous challenge’s responses at the end of the new challenge. I may also share some on my social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

The previous challenge was: Experience

Horseshoe Bend Ultrawide, Page, Arizona, United States of America
Challenge #313 ~ Experience

The word for last week’s Pic and a Word Challenge #313  was Experience, along with this fisheye photograph of Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River near Page, Arizona, USA.

Two bloggers shared their Experience this week; Thanks, you two! 

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Happy Creating! ❤