Giants, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Giant ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #158

There I stood, at the feet of giants, myself measuring no taller than the smallest of their toes, and standing as high in my own shoes as possible. One giant leaned down, only slightly, though the Earth trembled beneath his shifting weight. He peered at me, squinting, as I would to better observe an insect trundling across my boot. A snort. Dismissive. The earth heaved again as he rose. The atmosphere rumbled with his voice.

“I beg your pardon if this offends you,” he began, it seemed to me, in rather gentle tone for a being known to have bellowed up a hurricane, “but you seem mighty small for something which calls itself ‘King of this land and all the land you’ve ever known,’ some small trifle claiming to command us, the Brethren of the Mountains, as his subjects.” Gentle, perhaps, but not without a significant undertone of malice.

To my credit, there was no quiver in my body, no quaver in my voice, though the former I am not sure his massive eyes could have registered in my minuscule form even were the shaking of great extent and the latter may actually have been drowned out by the volume of the holler required to reach their ears with my tiny vocal chords. That is, I put the full effort of body and diaphragm into the reply.


The giants all chuckled, the gestures of which loosened small stones from the canyon walls that skittered to the valley floor.

The one giant leaned down again, and whispered a small gale at me, “What God is this you speak of, puny creature?”

“NO! NOT A GOD!” I shouted back, hurting my lungs with the exercise, in response to which the giant cocked its head with the inquisitiveness of a mountainous puppy, allowing me a brief moment to compose myself for the final thrust.


A small shock registered in his eyes. A wry smile formed. So I offered the denouement.


The guffaws of a lone giant are disturbance enough in a realm not of the giant’s own construction. A party of three literally slapping each other’s backs shook the valley of stone with something of an earthquake. For a few moments I mustered all the calm I could while dodging, straight-faced and straight-backed as possible, the boulders tumbling here and there through the spaces I momentarily occupied during a deluge of granite.

In that moment, I knew I had them — so long as I could survive the stone fall, mind you. Without the legal decrees and fiddly bits of paper my own people deemed so indispensable, I became officially in their giant hearts, a guild member to The Brethren of the Mountains; they would do not as I bid, but as I asked as a matter of abiding friendship among men of equal spirit. Because I, in a moment of lethal tension, had sold myself with a joke.

Still, having earned the gifts of life and hindsight, it was rather fortunate none of the giants’ mothers were present.

Giants of the Badlands
Alberta, Canada

Taken on location for Lost in Space, 2018

Last week we painted the world Pastel. This week, let’s look waaay up to a Giant or find something else to inspire you in this photograph of eroding badlands in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

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Last week’s challenge: Pastel
Pastels, Food Islets, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Challenge #157 ~ Pastel

The word for last week’s Pic and a Word Challenge #157 was Pastel, along with this sunset photograph of the Food Islets near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, British Columbia, Canada.

Seven bloggers rendered the subtler tones of Pastel this past week. Thank you, everyone! =)

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