Dancing with the Darkness

Dancing with the Darkness
Standing in the light
I see the darkness
The evil from which I emerged
For the first time

Just as I cannot know the light
Without darkness
So too I cannot know the darkness
Without light

I thought I knew the darkness well
When I was caught in it
As it touched me
As it coursed through me

I believed the darkness was me

Standing in the light
I sense the true nature of my being
Radiating this warm glow

I have not emerged from the darkness
I have shed it
Like a cloak
Beneath which the light
Has always burned
Will always burn
Has always kept the darkness
In its dark

I am not the darkness
I am not a creature cloaked in darkness
I am not just a being of the light
I am the light

And so have I danced with darkness
Yin and Yang
In eternal balance, eternal flow
Each touching the other
Each complete
Only in the presence
Of the other

I learned the depth of my light
Plumbing the depths of the dark
I know the intensity of my light
Having known the completeness
Of the night

Dancing with the Dark
Taken in studio set for The Magicians, Season II, 2015