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Dancing with the Darkness

Dancing with the Darkness

Standing in the light
I see the darkness
The evil from which I emerged
For the first time

Just as I cannot know the light
Without darkness
So too I cannot know the darkness
Without light

I thought I knew the darkness well
When I was caught in it
As it touched me
As it coursed through me

I believed the darkness was me

Standing in the light
I sense the true nature of my being
Radiating this warm glow

I have not emerged from the darkness
I have shed it
Like a cloak
Beneath which the light
Has always burned
Will always burn
Has always kept the darkness
In its dark

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Looking Back, Random Train Platform, Delhi to Agra Express, Uttar Pradesh, India copy

Peering Back

I observe the world
People, structures, nature
Though people most of all

I peer into their world
Try to understand what they see
How they see it

It helps me see
The nuance in my own world
In my own perception

Every now and again
I notice people
Peering back at me

A moment most illuminating
As it reminds me
Look at yourself, through their eyes

And so, I wonder
What do they see?
How do they see me?

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Small Craft and Infinity, Bowen Island, Howe Sound, From Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Infinity ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #117

With the strongest telescope
I cannot see beyond what I know to be

With an electron microscope
I cannot see within the smallest part of me

With the clearest mirror
I cannot see the me that is me

With the mightiest pen
I cannot set down the words defining me

With the cleverest mind
I cannot imagine the bounds of me

With the truest heart
I love, which is all I need to know of infinity