Light and Darkness ~ Shadow, Lattice Wall and Light, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
With the house lights up
It’s easy to notice
The styrofoam
Its imperfections
The flecks of white
Where it’s chipped

The night woods
So dark
The sunny day
So bright

We master the light
Know the science, the art
The secrets of magic

Welcome to
The grand illusion
Where we transform
The most mundane
To spectacular
Profoundly beautiful
Cinematically ugly
Or other worlds
Never before

Lenses and light
Smoke and paint
Styrofoam and skin ply

The tools
Of alchemy
Of mastery
Of imagination

The tools of a medium’s gods
Their creations
And projected

Immersing you in realms
To dispel your disbelief
To enthrall you
Excite you
Confuse you
Delight you

To take you places
You could never go
To show you places
You’ve always known
But have never seen

This is the cinematographer’s

In the Movies
British Columbia, CanadaOn location for
The Magicians Season 1 & 2 2015, 2016
Zoo Season 2, 2015
Motive Season 3, 2013
Fringe Season 5, 2012
I have both the delight and honour, rather frequently, to photograph sets and locations which have been gloriously, delightfully and stupendously lit by some great cinematographers. Above are a collection of photographs taken over the last few years, mostly with my Samsung smart phones.

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