Bright Angel Point, Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona, United States of America

Bright Angel

Down into the depths
Of this world
Of my spirit
Plunged the Bright Angel

Bringing light
To darkness
Bringing purpose
To doubt
Bringing meaning
To listlessness

All I had to do
He whispered in my ear
Was rise
Open my heart
Open my eyes

Let what was
Have been
Let what is
Let what will be
Take the steps
The path offered

As I walked
I saw the Bright Angel
Clear as day
Standing alongside the path
Watching as I strode

When I tried to thank him
His lips and legs
Moved in time
With mine
Until he disappeared
When the glass wall ended

Bright Angel Point
North Rim
Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996