So I listen

Burrard Inlet, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Some days
There’s just not that much to look at

So I listen

I can close my eyes
On any day
And just listen
But I prefer the fog

It is easier
To imagine in darkness
To create a world of light
In my mind

But in the light
With my eyes open
My mind expects to see
My mind expects to know

I want to cleanse my mind
Of the obsession of seeing
Of the hubris of knowing

I want my mind to listen
Even if it can see
I want my mind to question
Even if it knows

So I listen

For the birdsong
The crow’s caw
The gull’s cackle

I listen to the waves
Lapping at the rocky shore
To the ships
Coming in to harbour

When I am filled with these sounds
I let them go
And listen to the silence

Because once
Not long ago
I heard
What could not be heard

What I knew
Crumbled in my mind
Leaving my mind free to accept
It knew nothing

So I listen

I turned my ear to the sounds which I could not hear
Until I learned to hear the silence within

In that silence
A voice speaks truly
An eternal wisdom
A wisdom touched
Only by listening
For a sound that cannot be heard

So I listen
Learning to hear
The voice of silence

Burrard Inlet
Stanley Park
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for Motive, 2014

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge which, this week, is Transition.