Marvelling at Form

Marvelling at Form
I marvel at the forms nature creates
The way time
And natural laws
To create articulate detail
Lines and textures of astounding complexity
And beauty

And I marvel too
That despite my own
Articulate intellect
All my intention and will
Most of my own beauty
And ugliness
Owes just as much to
And biological forces
Beyond my recognition
And so
Beyond my control

For better
Or for worse
I am who I am
Because my body
Wants me to be this way

Until I become present in my spirit
I do not know myself
Until I see through the veil
Of my own self-deceptions
I cannot know to change myself

Until then I remain, largely
A thing of biology
That is all it takes to be human
Which is fine

Though much more is required
Of the enlightened

Cathedral Gorge State Park
Nevada, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009