I love to drive
On the back roads
Between rural towns
Where people raise a hand
Above the steering wheel

A neighbourly wave
To an oncoming car
For no other reason
Than to be friendly
To a stranger passing by

I love to travel
To the friendly countries
Where the people welcome
Strangers from strange lands
With a wave and a smile

I love to walk
Along busy pathways
Catch the eyes of passersby
And share a nod and a smile
To acknowledge their being

I love the connections
Between you and I
When we acknowledge each other
The beauty of our existence
The magic of being

I love the greeting, “Namaste”
Which means:

I honour the place in you
In which the entire universe dwells
I honour the place in you
Which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.
When you are in that place in you
And I am in that place in me
We are one


Hanoi, Vietnam

Taken during travels, 1995