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Looking Back, Random Train Platform, Delhi to Agra Express, Uttar Pradesh, India copy

Peering Back

I observe the world
People, structures, nature
Though people most of all

I peer into their world
Try to understand what they see
How they see it

It helps me see
The nuance in my own world
In my own perception

Every now and again
I notice people
Peering back at me

A moment most illuminating
As it reminds me
Look at yourself, through their eyes

And so, I wonder
What do they see?
How do they see me?

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Tug and Barge at Sunset, The Strait of Georgia, BC Ferry, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Take me home, now, wayward road

Take me home, now
Wayward road
I’ve set the course
For hearth and friends
Who knew me well
‘Fore all that changed
In the lands beyond
Our common sense

But changed have I
Beyond a scope
I can explain
No people of
This world the same
Yet all alike
In ways I’ve seen
Which never learned
From books or schools
But only when
I took the road
And spanned the gap
In time and place
To meet them in
The worlds they’ve made
Sat at their hearth
And listened, then