Take me home, now, wayward road

Tug and Barge at Sunset, The Strait of Georgia, BC Ferry, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Take me home, now
Wayward road
I’ve set the course
For hearth and friends
Who knew me well
‘Fore all that changed
In the lands beyond
Our common sense

But changed have I
Beyond a scope
I can explain
No people of
This world the same
Yet all alike
In ways I’ve seen
Which never learned
From books or schools
But only when
I took the road
And spanned the gap
In time and place
To meet them in
The worlds they’ve made
Sat at their hearth
And listened, then

Leave my wisdom
All I know
Let their insight
Have the flow
Learn from them
No teacher I
A student of
Their gracious life
Inspired by
Their beauty keen

Now homeward bound
Imbued with grace
And love profound
I wonder if
My family
Will recognize
The man returned
Or if my change
Unless we talk
Politics and

Perhaps just this
I’m less a judge
More filled with love
Don’t like divides
Learned to forgive
Where once I saw
Just differences

Tug and Barge at Sunset
The Georgia Straight
From the Queen of Cowichan
BC Ferries, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017

Hmmmm, my own response to Pic and a Word Challenge #115 ~ Wanderlust. Evidently, I didn’t provide enough reasons for wanderlust. Or… is this one really an “all of the above?”

No, I think it’s safer to say this represents its very own option:

  • Being Transformed

With no small to the many definitions of “being”.

Another hmmmm… Transformation just happens to be WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week.