The Great Walls

The Great Wall
There are beauties and ugliness
In this world
Beyond my ken; beyond my perception
As if protected by an impenetrable wall

The beauties want to be seen
Yearn to be known

Here the wall
Is within myself
Of my own making
Of my own limited perception

The ugliness prefers the darkness
Yearns to remain hidden

Here the wall
Is invisible
Depends on the anonymity of the protected
Depends on the ignorance of the populace

I am unsure which
Is the more daunting
Is the more unsettling
The more difficult to breach
The more difficult to expose

The one which shelters me
From myself?
The one which shelters me
From the truth?

The Hanging Great Wall
Gansu Province, China

Taken during travels, 1998

This post is my second submission to Boundaries, this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

My first submission was Walls and Boundaries.