I rise

I rise
I awaken at dawn
The first hint
Of sun’s rising

I rise
Before the sun
Rise to greet a new day

It’s chill
Outside the tent
I ride, or drive, or walk

To a place
Where the day’s first rays
Will meet me

At the horizon
Where the cyan brightens

And I begin to play
The rumble of song

Deep in my chest
The shudder of tones
On my vocal chords

The resonance of life
On my lips
Echoes through the wood

Of my didjeridu
A gift to the sun
Which crests the earth

Begins its ascent
Into the sky
I thank it

For its inspiration

Just outside Canyonlands National Park
Near Moab
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

There is something about travel which inspires me to waken every morning before the sunrise to serenade the sun’s first rays peeking over the horizon. I’ve written about this particular place, this particular experience, before in Sunrise Serenade.

This is a response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is Inspiration.