Sunrise serenade

Sunrise Serenade
In the morning
I find the magical spot
A small butte
At the crest of a high plateau

From there
Three hundred
And sixty degrees
Of Canyonlands

The sun
Still hidden
In the saddle
Between Peale and Waas

My hands are cool
On the didjeridu
I draw my fleece up tight
Against the chill

And begin to play

As waves of sound
Rumble in my chest
Rays fan out, between the peaks
Sweeping downward
Ever so slowly

Until the sun crests
Floods the earth
With golden light

The earth, and
One happy earthling
Serenading daylight’s arrival

Good morning, sun, my friend
Welcome to a new day
Thank you for coming

I am thankful
For your gracious light
I am grateful
For another cycle

Canyonlands National Park
Near Moab
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

The view is Southward from a small butte just a bit south of Horsethief Campground outside Canyonlands National Park, taken shortly after serenading the return of the sun over the La Sal Mountains.

This post is my fourth response to Flood, this week’s edition of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ wonderful photo prompts, One Word Photo Challenge. The first post referred to a flood of humanity. The second was also a sunrise flood. The third featured a sunset flood of canary yellow sky.