The flood

The Flood
They come trickling in
By ones
By twos
By threes
By fives

For him
Like a rising tide
They come
In ripples

At the shore
At the base

Of the stage

Waves building
Ambient sound growing
As they roll up
To the stage

From a murmur
To a susurrus
To a rushing shout
To a cascading roar

Emotion winding up

The rising tide
Fills every space
Churns and bucks
Roils and eddies
As waves find
Their level

At full flood
The full moon rises
The stage explodes
And he is there

I ride the waves
Of pounding bass
Like a shore break
Delightful crush
Of the curl closing down
Riding the ecstasy
Of abandon

Squamish Valley Music Festival
British Columbia, Canada, 2014
This post is a response to Flood, this week’s edition of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ wonderful photo prompts, One Word Photo Challenge.