What is there in a laugh?

What is there in a laugh?

On Time as a Helix of Precious Laughs
by Happy the Man

Pretty lady holding hands with time
Growing older as the day goes by
What is she to do? Or what have you?
The sun is shining on her face so fair
The sounds of children floating in the air
Hello, time
Does she really care?
Or think, think
“Old age cannot touch me now
I wallow in the laugh”
That’s what it’s all about
We fill our lives with precious laughs

What is there in a laugh that time avoids to know?
Look at all the people out there playing
Running from the past
“Can I make my bus,” he cries, “or will I see the show?”
We surround ourselves with time
Building with the laughter a doorway to the mind

No yesterdays, no tomorrows
Time is a helix of precious laughs

We are only men
We eat, we speak in fancy wordy ways
But down inside the person acting out the part
The place where we all stay
There is the heart where all are one, a place away from time
Direct our thoughts from there
Freeing with the laughter a doorway to the light


A-maze-ing Laughter
Sculpture by Yue Minjun
Davie & Denman
West End, Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada, 2015

I won’t do this often — place someone else’s words with one of my images — but I’ve been wanting to post this photograph for quite some time. The only words which ever come to mind when looking at it are

What is there in a laugh
That time avoids to know?

Eventually, you just gotta give in to the words, even when they’re not your own. Afterall, we are only men. 😉