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Pistol River Middle, Gold Beach, Oregon Coast Highway, Oregon, United States of America

Shoreline ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #220

Sooner or later
We all come to the shoreline
Beyond which lies a great unknown
A deep, unfathomable darkness

Most of us are allowed a choice there
To dive right in with more or less grace
Or cling to the land against the inexorable tides

No matter the choice, whether or no we have one
We are all, inevitably, drawn down into that great depth

I rather like to think a beautiful light awaits us there

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Rocky Mountain Starburst, Athabasca Glacier, From Wilcox Pass Trail, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Stars ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #102

Aided by
Small aperture
In this starburst
Am I reminded
The sun is just a star
In blackness infinite
Speckled with
Uncounted stars
And this Earth
We sometimes believed
Like no other
Solar satellite
But now are finding
More watery rocks
Each unique
Though, really
Only to slightest degree
So I stand here
On our pretty stone
With some billions friends
No, all family
I wonder how
We divide ourselves
Such finite passing presence
What small precious number we
Who twinkle in the darkness
Each of us a star
Unto ourselves
In our tiny blip of time
We have no space
For hateful folly
Or shall we die
Utterly alone
Perhaps unknown
Pass into oblivion
In this expanse
Of possibility
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I climb and climb
And climb some mo’
And still I climb
There’s more to go 

From time to time
When I look back
And see the road
That twisted track

I know the way
Ahead ain’t straight
Yet still I climb
And bear the freight

What can I do?
I can’t turn back
The thought of it
My heart goes slack

So on I climb
I’m none too weak
I flee a life
That’s grown too bleak

Now as I climb
And look ahead
Is the next bend
The turn I dread?

For if I make
The high plateau
What if it ain’t
The place to go?

And all this work
A waste of time
I could’ve stayed
Instead of climb

Still, this I know
The only way
Is move along
And live each day

It’s really not
About the top
Life is a climb
Which does not stop

For if it does
Then I will die
There’s nothing else
These words don’t lie

I climb and climb
And climb some mo’
And still I climb
There’s more to go