Judge not…

Judge not...
Judge not this race by empty remains
Do you judge God by his creatures when they are dead?

~ Genesis, Watcher of the Skies

We create spaces
Walk away from them
Return, re-visit, renovate

We take what was
And make of it
Something else
Whether for utility
Or a statement

But the hand and mind
Which creates
Is not the hand or mind
Which renovates

While the chief renovators
Are time
And the elements
To which we abandon
Our edifices

So goes
All that we create
Into the delirium
Of age
And abuse

The long winter
Of our disobedient

Crease Building (closed)
Riverview Hospital
British Columbia, Canada

Taken while on location for The Magicians, 2015

This is my seventh submission to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge which this week is (Extra)ordinary.