Point Imperial

Point Imperial, Canyon, North Rim
We measure time in movement

A trickle of water
Becomes a rivulet
Becomes a stream
Becomes a river

All the while eating the rock
Over which it travels
Cutting a cleft
A channel
A chasm
A canyon

I stand on the bedrock of time
Capturing a moment
A slice
A fraction
Of eternity

Immensity strikes me
Then, of space
Now, of time
Tracing back as the river
Becomes the stream
Becomes the rivulet
Becomes the trickle

From the trickle
Sputters a single drop
From it, an atom
From it, a proton
From it, a particle

A particle created
In the cataclysmic moment
When time began

Before me is all of time
Captured in a particle
As old as time
Flowing down a river
In a canyon
Which a moment ago
Seemed ancient
And immense

Point Imperial
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim
Arizona, USA

Taken during travels, 1996

You will recognize stanzas from Love Stays Still. That poem began with an image of the Grand Canyon in mind, and something more like this poem to go with it. Part way through, I changed the image to Alligator Creek, and that took the poem in a much different direction. Wondering where the Grand Canyon would have taken me, I’ve taken a second run at it.

I’m not sure which I prefer… but perhaps the intuition to change images bore better fruit?

What do you think?