Love Stays Sill ~ Dead Horse Creek, Cardwell, Queensland, Australia

Love stays still

We measure time in movement

The trickle of water
Becomes a torrent
Becomes a stream
Becomes a river

All the while eating the rock
Over which it travels
Cleaving a rivulet
A channel
A chasm
A canyon

I stand on the bedrock of time
Capturing a moment
A slice
A fraction
Of a life

The girl I loved, for a while
Who was caught up
In the eddy of my existence
Until I let her go
Setting her adrift downstream

Time flows through with
The comings and goings of friends
Of family
Of strangers
Of lovers

Still, she carves through my presence
Creating eddies in time
Now and again, catching me up
For a moment’s reflection
On a love still flowing

I measure time in movement
And rediscover immensity in a moment
A timeless moment
But never recaptured

Time flows on
While love stays still

Alligator Creek, Near Cardwell
Queensland, Australia

Taken during travels, 1994.