Sweet Light

Sunburst, Tantalus Mountain Range, From Tantalus Lookout, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
The star
Which gives us life
And cobalt sky

Which warms us
From the chills
Of winter snows

And greens the Earth
So richly lush
With verdigris

But light
The centre
Of all things

Needs not a star
To warm the heart
Or dispel the shadows
Of the mind

Nor does it need
A tungsten bulb
Or any artificial source

For light
Is kindled
Deep within

From darkness springs
And fills the void

It is the essence
Of all life

It is the soul
My spirit


Tantalus Mountain Range
From Tantalus Lookout
Sea to Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada, 2018
For Sweet, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. And, yes, I’m playing off that other popular meaning for “sweet”.