Hunting in the Dark for Light

Light in the Darkness, Squamish River Valley, Tantalus Lookout, Sea to Sky Highway, Near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
I go hunting in the dark
For light, I find
Where eyes see naught

For in the darkness
Beauty thrives

Captured here by glassy eyes

Lights in the Darkness
Cheakamus River Valley
From Tantalus Lookout
Sea to Sky Highway
Near Squamish
British Columbia, Canada

Taken tonight, 2016

To give you an idea how dark it really is, this photograph required a 17 second exposure (at f6.4 with ISO 4000, for the photographers out there).

So, that’s not the sun setting in the background, but the lights of the town of Squamish reflecting and refracting off the clouds. And that’s not lava flowing into the Cheakamus River, but the headlights of a car driving along the river road. And those trees aren’t on fire, just some building lights and more headlights.

And just to get a sense for the true scale of the valley floor, and the trees thrust up through the clouds over a thousand feet below, there’s a high tension power line tower right next to the lava-flow headlights.

Full size image is here.