The Land Which Fell on its Side

Uluru, Ayer's Rock, Northern Territory, Australia
One day
Geologically speaking
The land rose up
Then fell back to Earth
Landing on its side
Where it took a long
Very long
Even geologically speaking

And as it lies there
Like a cat on blanket
Napping in the afternoon sun
Coming through the window
Mother Nature soothes
Its hard, rigid body
With a massage of
Wind, rain and
Savage heat

Over the years
Geologically speaking
The land softened up
Melted away
Leaving patterns
Of Mother Nature’s love

A delight
For a pair of sweaty thirsty hikers
Who walked the dusty trail
In just a day
Julian calendar speaking
To see from all sides
The place where the land
Fell on its side

(Ayer’s Rock)
Northern Territory, Australia

Taken during travels, 1994