Light streaming through lattice wall, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Mistress and Lover

Seductive mistress
She beckons me
With enigma
Possibilities unimaginable
Promises of revelation
Both disturbing
And thrilling

But light
Sweet lover
Always generous
She seeks me
In the dark places
Offers illumination
Beauty boundless
Marking the pathway
To epiphany

My whole life
Half a century of healing
Is to be torn between them
Choosing one
Then the other
Then the first again
But learning
Ever so
The cycle
Of darkness and light
Is a circle closed

Not two lovers
But two aspects
Of the One
And my journey
Is to learn
The art of holding
Both aspects
In a single embrace
Of loving both
In a single gesture
Of existence

Light Streaming Through Lattice Wall
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, 2016