Ring Chandeliers, The Magicians, Season 1

Magic Darkness

As I learned to photograph
All my mentors taught me
Seek the magic light

It took me many years
To discover on my own
The magic in darkness

Light Rings
Manitoba Street Studio
British Columbia, Canada

Taken in studio, The Magicians, Season 1, 2015

Ring Chandeliers, Manitoba Street Studio, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, The Magicians, Season 1
Ring Chandeliers
This poem is, of course, a metaphor for yin and yang, the balance of light and dark.

But it is also a photography lesson, the point of which is illustrated in the original image as captured by my Samsung phone onset during the shooting of The Magicians. The “magic” of this photograph is created by isolating the subject (a hanging chandelier of light rings) in darkness, which removes the distraction and clutter of the set and the various crew, actors, and background performers milling about before the director shouts, “Action!”. The light rings are not nearly so magical without the balance of darkness.

Hmmm… removing distractions to clear my vision… there is a metaphor in that, too…