Light in the Trees, Seymour Demonstration Forest, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Light in the Forest of Non-Being

Sunlight cracks through the canopy
Spreading through the boughs
Falling to the forest floor
Where I sit
With the birdsong
And the whisper of the wind
Through rustling branches

All there is
Is me
And nature

I close my eyes
Take a few breaths
And all there is
Are the sounds of the forest
And the light breeze
Caressing my being

I relax
Let the sound fall away
Let sensation fall away
And all there is
Are the thoughts in my mind

I breathe
Let the thoughts go
I breathe
Until there is only breath
Then I let the breath go

For a moment
I am the light
In another moment
I become its source
In the next
I revert to the darkness
From which all light springs

Darkness within darkness
The source of all mysteries

In the darkness
There is no I
All there is
Is non-being

In non-being
There is everything
And nothing
Larger than existence
Smaller than nothingness

Into that great mystery
The nothingness that once was I
Becomes One with all

Light in the Trees
Seymour Demonstration Forest
North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for The Magicians, Season 2, 2016

As it turns out, this post responds to the WordPress Daily Prompt, which today is: Profound