Sanded Sailboat Hull, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Line and Texture, Colour and Form

I love the way
Line and texture
Colour and form

I love to follow the arc
Luxuriate in the sensation
Experience the emotion of tone
Map out the journey of my eye
Through the continents of shapes


With the camera
I explore it
Find it
Even in the old, faded paint
Of a beaten down hull
Sanded down to renovate
But left again
To the weathering of Earth

With words
The beauty emerges
In much the same way
The feel of them
As they soundlessly ring
In the imaginary ear of my mind
I feel them roll off
My silent tongue
Follow the arc of their insight
Their imagery
Their vision
Experience the emotion of tone
The nuance of meaning
Map out the journey of my spirit
Through the continents of possibilities

The journey
Goes deep into beauty
And always leads
To self

When I arrive there
I look back
Upon all the beauty I have created
The beauty I believed I found
A realization strikes me

Even the ugly and mundane
I believed I separated the beauty from
Or found the beauty in
Becomes beautiful

That is how I find
The beauty in all things
At the center of my own being
And that is how I find
My own beauty deep within

From that appreciation of beauty
Springs the most perfect


Sanded Sailboat Hull
Britannia Beach
British Columbia, Canada, 2015