The Cool, Calm Light

Lichen on Granite, Hope Slide, Nicolum Valley, Cascade Mountains, British Columbia, Canada
In a darkened corner of my being
I discovered a cool, calm place
Protected from the heat of existence

That raging inferno
Of events
And despair

Perhaps the cool, calm place
Discovered me
I don’t know

Whichever way
Was fleeting

Nonetheless, profound
If only for a moment

I knew peace
I knew calm
I knew presence

And then
The moment

In the maelstrom again
I resolved
To find that place, again

I fought the fires
And the fears
For years

Then one day, closed my eyes
Took a breath, and then another
Held the chatter in my mind

I caught a glimmer
Of a cool, calm light
And felt that peace, again

I marked the path
Follow it often
When I’ve gone astray

I’ve discovered, the small dark corner
With its cool calm light
Is an unlimited expanse of being

It grows
As I detach
From the fires of distraction

Or is it I who grows into it
As I leave behind a dysfunctional world
Of my own creation

Or was it I, all along
Am I the cool, calm light
The peaceful, calm presence

The cool, calm light
Expands a little more
As I answer my own question

Lichen on Granite
Hope Slide
Nicolum Valley
Cascade Mountains
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2016