Spectacular sky,Thompson River Valley, From Sabiston Creek Road. Savona, British Columbia, Canada

The most spectacular thing
About this glorious planet
Is the sky

How often
Do I forget
To look?

How often
Have I seen it first
In the photograph?

A reminder to be present
To be mindful of this moment
Of all it has to offer

Cloudy Sky
Over the Thompson River Valley
From Sabiston Creek Road
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, yesterday, 2016

I am currently on a bit of a combo roadtrip/mountain bike expedition. I tend to go off-grid during these kinds of trips. My tent is pitched is at pretty, little Isobel Lake, a Forest Service Recreation Area just a dozen or so kilometres out of cell phone range. Not quite so spectacular a spot as pictured here, but nice enough, and deserted but for me and the frogs… and mosquitoes… of course there are mosses!

Whoops… drifted there.

My main point is — For the past year I have maintained a better than post-a-day pace. That may fall off for the next week or so.

I’m taking lots of photos. However, the workflow for processing them, and for making words from them is somewhat askew. Even more difficult will be finding wifi time for creating posts and posting them. (Anyone, know of a great offline WordPress editor?)

So, if I miss a day or two, no worries. Just know that I am building my inspiration catalogue, while gradually figuring out how to do this from the road.

Happy Trails!