On Leaving the Valley

State Highway 95, West of Blanding, Utah, United States of America
Driving along the valley floor
Mountains and ridges rising above
So beautiful

Still, I always wonder
What’s on the other side?
What is the next valley like?

So, sometimes I clamber over
Break a trail through the high pass
Scale the precipice above the valley

And sometimes I find a path
Blazed by others, worn smooth by travellers
Seeking the otherness, alternatives

I’m not sure which I prefer
The difficult path seems not
Intrinsically superior

Perhaps it’s not the path I take
But rather the objective
And the act of seeking it

Perhaps it is no more than
Being open to a different experience
Being open to the challenge of change

As I consider this
I turn off the road to otherness
And stay in the beautiful valley

There is wisdom in this too
I am open to change
And accept contentment

State Highway 95
West of Blanding
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

This post is a response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Landscape.