Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, above the Colorado River, Utah, United States of America

When life was a mystery, yet to be told

As if I’d landed
Billions of years ago
On a planet still young
And restless

When rock flowed as liquid
And the only solid lands
Were granite rafts
Floating on a molten orb

As sunlight drifted down
Through a poisonous sky
Life was a mystery
Yet to be told

Now, here I was, the mystery
Marvelling at my own existence
Gazing out at a timeless canyon
And the blue river teeming with life, far below

Horseshoe Bend
Glen Canyon
Above the Colorado River
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996

The full circle, sent back in time, while remaining in the moment. This image is looking up one leg of the “horseshoe” forming Horseshoe Bend, a feature of Glen Canyon carved out by the Colorado River in Utah.

I started working on this post last night, but couldn’t quite trust myself to finish/post it as I was falling asleep at my desk. Imagine my surprise, this morning, when I discovered the featured image for this week’s WordPress Photo ChallengeCircle — is none other than Horseshoe Bend.

Last night, I had the first two stanzas more or less worked out. The third came this morning, flowing fairly naturally from the two.

I thought that had completed the poem… then, the fourth… well, I just needed to finish the circle, right? <smile>

Thank you, Cheri, for the timely prompt!