And the sun rose today

Sunrise, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, United States of America
And the sun rose today
Just as it has every day
For millions of years
Just as it has the hundreds of times
I’ve watched it rise before

But today
I don’t know… today I am more grateful
Today I breathe in the light
Exhale the darkness
Feel the light enter me
As the crisp winter air
See the darkness leave me
As the warm vapour of breath condenses

Today, I am present in the expanse of nature
Present in the expanse of being
Aware of the massiveness of the sun
Even as the scant morning clouds obscure it

The celestial terrestrial dance
Of space and time
Plays out in the few moments
Required for the sun to clear the horizon
As I stand at this apex of stone
Overlooking the edge of everything

Capitol Reef National Park
Utah, United Slates of America

Taken during travels, 2009