Depth of Field

I am drawn to a small dab
A weld attaching the “5” to the sphere
Why am I drawn there?

My eye wants to take in the “5”
To follow curves
Explore hard edges
Take in textures

But I am drawn to the smallest corner of it
To a little dab of hot metal
Now cooled, and structural

The “5” tells stories
Inspires lots of stories
But that little nub draws me away
Begs my attention

Suddenly, I understand

It is not content
Or context
It is focus

It is not what I wish to see
Which holds my attention
But what I can see clearly
Not where the light falls
But where the image resolves

Drawn away from the soft
By the sharp
Drawn away from the cloudy
By the clear
Drawn away from the unknown
By the known

Thus I walk a path
Not of least resistance
But of familiarity
Drawn to a world
Only as vast
As my own depth of field

New Westminster Library
New Westminster
British Columbia, Canada
Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge, which this week is Aperture.