Breakers on the Hard Shore

Breakers on the hard shore
I am calmest
Where the ocean breaks
On a hard shore

Where waves crash onto jagged rock
Each breaker a crescendo
Of thunderous water

Then the sparkle and bubble
As the sea draws back
Waterfalls and rivulets
Stream away
Gurgling and rushing
Over the rock
Gathering, back to the sea
Back to another wave

I watch the waves crush against stone
Again and again
Listen to the sea song
As the gulls caw shrilly

All is as it has been
For aeons before men
And their civilizations
And their silly little problems
A few of which wash away
With every wave
Until they have all drifted
Out to sea
Far from the hard shore

I try to remember these moments
When life breaks on its hard shore
When the world tumbles and crashes
In a cacophony of tumult

I try to find this peace
As the waves of discord
All around

I close my eyes
Imagine it is all
Just water
Crashing onto rock
Breakers on the hard shore

Just waves
Crashing down
Then drawing back
Into the peaceful sea

California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009